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Wat no ipfs thread?

>What is IPFS?
It's basically BitTorrent on steroids.

>why would one use it
* Distributed, decentralized filesharing (for now - ipfs is merely the communication protocol, and additional applications can exist on top of it).
* You can have a mutable address (i.e. always points to the latest version of a site), or a static address (points to a specific file). Yes, you can host sites over IPFS.
* Peers are found fast for new downloads. You don't need to wait that much to start a download.
* You can watch your animu while it downloads, I watched few episodes that way and it didn't even buffer.

>how to upload a single file
$ ipfs add ./$file
Access it at localhost:8080/ipfs/$outputted-hash
>how to upload a dir
$ ipfs add -r ./$dir
Access it at localhost:8080/ipfs/$last-outputted-hash
>how to make the thing mutable
$ ipfs name publish ./$file-or-dir-hash
Access it at localhost:8080/ipns/$output-hash-aka-peerid (it's ipNs not ipFs)
To update, publish another hash and it will be available at the same IPNS address.

>gateways (how to access IPFS if you don't have it installed)

>I2P and Tor support coming soon™. We need that thing anonymous so pls halp.

Hourly reminder to pin files that you care about.