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Post interracial SFM, Bender, or other animations.
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Dominant T girls

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Post whatever you have
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why was the last one deleted?
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I've never been an aficionado of electronic dating. I mean I've never really confided in it would ever work.
My buddies would reliably recommend me to just endeavor it. I mean I was a 32 years old virgin. So I endeavored what my friend recommended me, and I ended up finding a hot MILF.
To be honest, in any case I didn't confide in it. Until the point that the moment that she overpowered me after we met.

Dominant asian girls

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Anything where the girl is more dominant than the guy. Lesbian stuff is ok too
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Friends giving Blowjobs / Sexual Favors

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no gays, only female friends
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Let’s get a rule 34 general gif thread going. I’m going to personally recommend Danny Phantom/Maddie Fenton content
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80's up to 90's hentai
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> 21, said a last goodbye to my gf, devastate fag.
> she couldnt satisfy me, and she kept mocking me about my cosplay fixation
> fuck that, imma find a respectable young woman
> I make a request or two. look on google. till I find the reknown asianfuck organize
> about time
> I ask a mate who's used it about it. he uncovers to me it's extraordinary, so I get my desires high.
> I get on there, and meet a young woman
> meet her.
> lol it winds up being a man; won't tell u the unobtrusive components of this one. regardless, it was a fat crippled imposter.
> fuck.
> I dont surrender
> endeavor it afresh
> find my present life partner
> love my life
> this is to any person who says online dating is horse poo

Women being sluts

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Anything where girls are acting openly slutty/easy, anything that'll make their future husbands think twice
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