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YLYL Funny rekt

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Bonus points for funny file names
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Sauce thread
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Suicide thread

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post attempts and successful an heroes, either in RL or in movies and other suicide related webms
depressive music and bad feels webms also welcome
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Only the real deal for the first 30 file uploads. Staged/Contextless ok afterwards as long as it still fits the bill.
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Based Thread

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Breeding | Impregnation | Pregnancy

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ITT: Bareback, creampies, babymaking, and pregnancy sex.

Content Source:

Video Source:

Bonus points for before and afters, compilation videos, breeding scenarios, and of course sauce.
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Guys who cannot please their women

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So they have to masturbate during sex.
>Inb4 I'm so good at sex that she's masturbating!
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Big cock shemale thread

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Here is a new trans thread contrary to all current femboy threads
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