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I'm just gonna leave these here for you guys to enjoy.

BBW / Thick

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You know what to post
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Rachel Starr (other hispantards getting fucked by white dudes are also OK, but I'm only dumping Rachel Starr, you faggots can go ahead and post other bitches though if you feel like it)
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Ricardo Milos General /RMG/

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Alluring Pussy

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ITT, pussy you just wanna dive soul-first into. Starting with a dump.
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Webms that brighten your day

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Webms that just plain make you feel good. If only for a moment.
>inb4 "buh-buh-but /wsg/"
THIS thread is at /gif/ because people want to post PORNOGRAPHYYYY that makes them feel good, then they can post PORNOGRAPHYYYY!
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YLYL you lose
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war thread
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Oh, boy! Guess what time it is!
It's Memefetish time!
Memefetish thread!
Rules, go as following.
#1 - Ahegao, completely off limits. We need 3D girls only, incels, please add Memefetish to your filters to avoid undue triggering of yourselves.
#2 - Absolutely NO racism will be tolerated.
#3 - No Tik-Tok [ unless ] it's Memefetish.
#4 - All Ricardo Tik-Tok ambush posts will be considered racist, and trolling outside or /b/
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