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This thread is for 2 things:

1. Females (meaning NO TRANNIES) taking multiple cocks at once in the same hole. Double blowjobs, double vaginal, double anal, double titty fucking (if that exists), or jerking off 2 cocks at once (for purposes of this thread we'll count jerking off 2 guys with 1 in each hand as a "double blowjob"). And when I say "2" I mean "2 or more" (so 3 or 4 in the same hole or 2 in each hand, or whatever -- any combination you can think of). BONUS POINTS FOR BOTH GUYS CUMMING (ESPECIALLY IF THEY CUM AT THE EXACT SAME TIME AND EVEN MORE SO IF THEY CUM IN THE SAME HOLE AT THE SAME TIME).

2. Friendly fire cumshots. We will also allow anything with multiple guys cumming at the same time even if there's no friendly fire. WHAT WE WILL NOT ALLOW IS GUYS INTENTIONALLY CUMMING ON EACH OTHER. SO "FRIENDLY FIRE" ONLY COUNTS IF IT'S BY ACCIDENT.

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nigga edition
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Mom x Bully

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last thread died so let's get another one going
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Tier List

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Post your favourite straight porn clips along with their respective tiers. Here are the rules:

All clips start at F tier then move up (max S+ tier) if the following are present (in any order):

+if video quality is decent
+if girl(s) is(are) attractive
+if sound is present (remove if it's just annoying guy moaning)
+if video length is 30 seconds or longer
+if multiple girls are present
+for dicksucking, hardfucking, or any cumshot.
+for facials or visible cum in mouth (always an automatic +2 due to above)

If there's multiple guys present, move down a tier. If anything is F tier (or below), you should probably delete it from your collection. I'll post examples for each tier starting with S+ tier.
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Just the nicest of dongs
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Hottest Cumshots *swallow/facial edition*
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Gay breeding thread

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rekt thread!

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anything rekt/gore/violence/death
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Accidental Nudity

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Dumping my collection in the hopes someone posts some new stuff.

inb4 "accidental"
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Make it go pop
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