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Do women really want big yummy cocks in their buttholes?
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Fisting / /Large toys in wrecked holes

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male or female idc
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Where's my tiktok thread?
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Bitch Slapped Thread

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Real YSYL (you save youre a candy ass

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Go fucking post whatever the fuck untill your dick bleeds.
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Do women like men for their penis size? Does penis size matter? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
Also, subject field clearly defines the thread.
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> be me

> 19

> still a virgin

> mate instructs me in regards to a place to meet more settled chicks.

> I dont trust him using any and all means. nevertheless, who knows.

> I endeavor it.

> I meet this 49 years old isolated from lady.

> we visit for a long time before we end up sending each other nudes.

> she sends me her zone

> we get together

> she plays the lead work, expels all the stress from me.

> best sex I anytime had

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Time for the man with the most beautiful smile ever seen, Ricardo Milos.
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Random funny/interesting stuff

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Embarrassed Naked Female/Exposed

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last thread died, re-upping
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