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Now that those New York Times faggots fucked us by removing 80% of porn from all websites, where do you go for all the webms you put up on /gif/? Every site I've visited since last month has had a new gay premium partner model so all I see are roasties whose videos I can't download.
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Public Piss Thread

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Girls peeing, getting pissed on or wetting themselves in public or outdoors.
The more daring or risky the location is the better.

no traps
no male on male
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Furry shit is OK to.
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Favorite webm

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Just post your favorite webm, no gay shit.


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Let's see some oddities for a change
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Ugly pornstars

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Post some ugly pornstars, not necessary the uggliest but you can't stop thinking that she's so ugly, you even can't fap to her

Only pornstars, please not cam girls or amateur content.
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Hygiene accidents

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post em
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Chubby trans

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With a focus on bellies. Also, sauce? I desperately need a name.
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Webcam games, dick reactions etc.
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