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femboy thread

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50/50 Porn Roulette

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The rules:
>Post a porn .webm challenging someone else in the thread
>If your post ends 0-4: you've lost! You're the woman from your .webm, and the person you've challenged is the man from your .webm
>If your post ends 5-9: you've won! You're the man from your .webm and the person you've challenged is the woman from your .webm
You MAY make a post to incite others to challenge you
You MAY ask for rerolls/second chances but only if the winner allows it

Best of luck, studs and sluts. You'll need it. As OP, I'll try to stay open for challenges for the duration of the thread.
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Can we get a ZOGbots getting their just desserts?
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Looking for street fights where kicks are used(also fuck this captcha)
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Nick Fuentes Thread

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Escort/hookers/whores/strippers/prostitute general

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Stories, tips, tricks, videos, whatever. Help your fellow autists get some pussy.
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why so many?
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Tiktok clothed to fucking

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This laying back transition is preferred but others are welcome too.
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Mystery Hapa Foot Girl General

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I am going to post every video I've got of this chick and I want everyone else to fill in any missing ones. There has to be more, anon is holding out on us and he fucking knows it
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