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Why is National Socialism and Adolf Hitler so demonized by the world when the ideology itself is sound and desirable and Hitler did more good for Germany than any other statesman in history?

Just some of the things we can thank it for:

Getting out of the Versailles treaty (which destroyed the Economy)
Confiscating assets of the ones exploiting Germany
Nationalizing banks (abandon international/private banking)
Work/Labor/Goods backed currency (instead of gold or non backed)
Massive public works projects (roads, buildings…) to create jobs and propel economy
Giving the people an empowering ideology with focus on industriousness and altruism

Whereas an ideology responsible for more deaths ans misery than National Socialism by far, Communism, is glorified? National Socialism is unjustly viewed as some kind of demonic spawn of hell. Its bullshit and it needs to stop