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The predecessors of Antifa (anarcho-syndicalists) were the first ones pushing for eugenics and mass abortions and birth control. Leftism in its entirety is a culture of extreme destruction and death which needs to be exposed. It is the will of Satan himself.



>In 1870, the French Neo-Malthusian Marie Huot called for a “strike of the wombs” as a way of gradually phasing out the human race. Though unrelated to leftist politics of the time, this concept was modified and taken up by the French anarcho-syndicalist (radical trade unionist) movement in the 1890s who saw its potential as a tool of “class warfare.”

>For these anarchist syndicalists, procreation under capitalism was an abomination since it prolonged the system by creating more “wage slaves” for capitalist bosses. In their view no one should have any children under capitalism. The agenda was to have working-class women drastically reduce the number of births via contraception and abortion. The lower birthrates would dry up the pool of labor, which would then ensure imminent crisis for capitalism and imperialism. This applied the syndicalist call for a massive general strike to the realm of childbearing.

>They erroneously believed this strategy would empower working-class women and the working class as a whole. Women would supposedly be “freed” from household labor. Workers’ wages would supposedly increase as the birthrate shrunk, since the absence of a reserve army of labor would force capitalist bosses to give into workers’ demands. Deliberately reducing the population would also give workers bargaining power with the State, these anarchists alleged.