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Why were Soviets so obsessed with space? Is communism somehow supposed to work better here?
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The Luftwaffe suffered higher losses from the Battle of Britain (1900+ lost) than from the Battle of Stalingrad (900 lost)

The Red Army could only reinforce itself at Stalingrad when it could cross the Volga, something they could only do when the Luftwaffe lost control of the skies.

The RAF also continued to spread the Luftwaffe thin across multiple fronts, Britain, Germany, North Africa, the Mediterranean. Luftflotte 4, which had led the air assault on Stalingrad, had to be withdrawn from the Eastern Front to fight the RAF in North Africa.

People often talk about the USSR's many men who died on the ground but few people think how many more would have died on the ground had the RAF not cleared the skies for them.

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>Some Slavs unironically believe that
Is this real? Let's find out
Never mind that you really have to be at the bottom of the barrel to believe that some eunuch getting some crumbs from their islamic overlords in the ultimate shitshow that was the taifa period is something to be proud of, this is full of inaccuracies or toned down facts.
The most blatant one is Sardinia. Sardinia was never conquered by muslims. Conducting raid on the coast is NOT conquering. The invasion of Sardinian was in fact a disaster.
The other is that this picture I saw being passed around on Slavic twitter make an egregious portrait of the slavic slaves (pleonasm) They were either captured by muslim pirates, or sold by European merchants, as these slavs were still pagans at the time. Once there, they were castrated per the islamic custom of the time, their women were used as cum socket by the local Muslim lords. They were used as cannon fodder in battle and were along berbers and black slaves (who were less numerous, has many berbers had already embraced islam and as most black slaves rarely crossed the strait of Gibraltar) they were traditionally the lowest of the low of Islamic society, even below the local Christians and Jews who lived there who were somewhat tolerated.
Last point but actually the most important one is that the word Saqaliba doesn't always equate Slavic. It did, originally, however the numbers of slavic slave was so high that it soon became the standard word for slaves of any races, though still mostly european ones. In some case, it might mean the son of a Slavic (or other slave) woman and an Arabic or Muslim man.
Therefore, the slavic ethnicity of these rulers is only within the realm of speculation and no concrete proof allow us to think that they WERE slavic.
I have no horse in this race, but seeing straight up bullshit published like that give me urge to deboonk it.
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What does it mean to be tolerant?
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What is your most coveted history book?

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Could they have survived?
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Pre-marital sex

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Ok Christcucks
Explain to me what's wrong with pre-marital sex in a modern world with contraception & birth control?
Explain to me what's wrong with being intimate with a woman when your libido is its highest(20s) without being married to her, which in this modern world will only happen in your 30s when your libido will have decreased a lot. Which is basically going against your biology and missing some of the best sex you could ever have had. Now you are 35 years old guy who can't go for multiple rounds or easily maintain his erection.

If God wanted you to have sex after marriage, in your 30s, why would he make it so your libido and test was the highest in your 20s???

You don't seem to understand that your Bible was written at a time where condoms didn't exist and where most people married very very early compared to now. So in that context IT MAKES SENSE to wait for marriage before being intimate with a partner. But now, you are taking those laws written from communities literally 2 millennia ago and applying it to a modern context it has no place in.
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Let's have some romance /his/, tell me your favorite historical romance. The most touching story of love, the most deeply held emotions you can think of.

Cold Winters Theory debunks scientific racism

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The Cold Winters Theory proposed by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen states that races living in cold dry climates have higher intelligence, while races living in warm humid climates have lower intelligence.

According to Allen-Bergmann's Rule, larger and rounder body shapes reduce surface area exposure and heat loss while increasing heat retention. So nonwhites such as Finns and Koreans have larger brains and higher encephalization, whiles whites have smaller brains and lower intelligence. Koreans have an average IQ of 107, while Finns have an average IQ of 104. On the other hand, whites have an average IQ of 100. Whiteness is just simply adaptations to survive in warm humid climes.

According to Templer (2006), IQ correlates at -0.76 for mean high winter temperature, − 0.66 for mean low winter temperature, clearly demonstrating that the whiter you are, the less intelligent you are.

According to Pesta (2014), temperature predicts IQ (and other well-being variables) within the 50 U.S. states. Colder U.S. states have higher income, higher IQ, less crime because they have more mongoloid traits.
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We all know the overrated historical figures that get talked about to death (Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, etc.). Who are some of the most underrated historical figures?
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