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How was life in this shithole?
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Based and Cringe moments of European history

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>Ancient Greece
>Ancient Macedon
>Roman Republic/Empire
>"Arthurian Britain"
>Venetian Republic
>Age of Exploration
>Great French Revolution
>Napoleon era
>Colonisation of Africa
>Fall of monarchies
>XX cent. USA

>Fall of Rome
>Barbarian ruled Europe a.k.a. Dark Ages
>Karolingan era
>Viking raids
>Renaissance-era Norhtern Europe
>European monarchies
>Holy Inquisition
>Destruction of pre-Columbian civilizations
>Ottoman empire
>Austro-Hungarian empire
>"European royal family"
>National Socialism
>Eastern Block
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How long do a group of people need to live in a specific area before they are considered native to it?

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Savonarola: Patrician or Plebeian? Does his ideals deserve a revival? I'm surprise he hasn't become a /his/ icon due to his views and attitude.
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>imagine understanding the whole evolutionary process of jewish culture and why they are what they are today
>imagine not siding with them and using it yourself for your own people
>instead, whining about them your whole youth without doing nothing good for yourself and your family, lefting nothing in the world, maybe only some bastards, if you were luck

Mein God!


>imagine believing Moses really received voices from the sky who told him what to told them
>imagine being a Christcuck to these days
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Jews are inferior. Mongols are better.

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what do people mean when they say sub-saharan africans never invented the wheel? what does that mean exactly? surely the wheel got invented somewhere and then travelled all over the word. did natives in the americas have the wheel before europeans arrived?
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Ugly armor thread

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I'll start.
>shitty baggy chainmail
>primitive simple helmets
>stupid rags above armor
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