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/his/‘s thoughts on it?

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This nigga or the MPLA.
Who was in the right?
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How come Filipino nationalists did not return to native script after throwing Spaniards out? Apparently throughout the Spic period they actually knew-in detail- how it was used.
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What's the best religion for me if I want to simp for powerful goddesses?
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Saint Jerome VS. Later Christian Developments

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What would Saint Jerome think of the various developments of the later Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Church of the East, Coptic, Armenian, and Protestant churches of Christianity from after his lifetime? How different would Jerome's theological views be compared to those of later times?
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Could the Soviets have defeated the Wehrmacht with absolutely no outside assistance?
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Beria understood the necessary scope and dynamics of research. This man, who was the personification of evil to modern Russian history, also possessed the great energy and capacity to work. The scientists who met him could not fail to recognize his intelligence, his will power, and his purposefullness. They found him first-class administrator who could carry a job through to completion...