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>Villain is evil because uhh... he's evil.

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Was it based, or cringe?
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I'm going to take a DNA test to find out my lineage and see the history of my tribes people.
I'm pretty sure a lot of races are mixed into my DNA but what is the name of the DNA thingy that I keep seeing be posted on this board.
Halogroup or Haplotype or whatever?
What is that and is it important to ancestry?


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>I already painted my nails black once and didn't like it. My dad is extremely homophobic and never suspected anything about how careful I am with my skin and hair. If he were a bit more tolerant maybe I would try painting them a few more times.
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Why was it historically so easy for Carribean immigrants to blend with American blacks when coming to America, but not for African immigrants?

You see it in Florida where American blacks and Carribeans really blend in. But in Texas for instance, Nigerians kind of distance themselves from Black Americans, and call them derogatory terms like "Akata".

Historically, black American culture has always blended a lot with Carribean culture too. A lot of rappers are Carribean descent. Hip Hop itself was pioneered by Jamaicans in New York.
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Are you guys ready for this?

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Cavalry thread

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Who had the coolest Cavalry?

My pick is definitely the roman heavy cavalry, emphasis on the cataphractarii
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>peak of manliness and a great hero
how did he do it?
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The fall of the Qing Dynasty and the fragmentation into the Warlord Era and the civil war between the Kuomintang and Maos Communist revolution is quickly becoming one of my favorite era's of history to learn about and immerse myself in. It's so rich and colorful and has such a sweeping arc of massive social change and upheaval.

I often picture myself as a Russian ex White army mercenary dragoon who's working as a captain for a regional Chinese warlord and paid in opium, treasures and women
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>That time when Belarus almost annexed Russia with Lukashenko as its chief.

The road not taken...