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Before the 15th century, Southeast Asia had the best navies in the world.

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You cannot refute this
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What would history look like if Wilhelm or his son retained power after WWI? Would there still have been a WWII? Would a monarchy be more amenable to the UK and France, and made it a three-way pile-up on Russia?

andes thread

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id like to thank all the good posters on the previous threads and hope to continue that with this one
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Why did Catholicism develop a more rationalistic approach compared to other branches of Christianity and compared to Islam?
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Bro, just bottle up and bury your emotions, bro!

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Younger Catholics don't want boomer modernism and liberalism. We want traditionalism. We want Latin. So why does our church refuse to give it to us? Instead they say "the reason people are leaving the church and joining Islam and Evangelical Churches is because we're not liberal enough". It boggles the mind.
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Why is premarital sex so normalized nowadays in western countries but decried by religion? I don't blame third worlders that come to the west and consider western women as whores, because compared to their women at home who will only have sex after marriage they really are. They sleep around with whatever "bad boy" strikes their fancy, especially an illegal refugee approved by blacked propaganda.
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Ottoman administration was better than anything else pre-1800.
>Pay jizya
>Don't get conscripted into armies unless as mercenary
>Keep your religion
>Administrate your own
>Protect you
>Gift superior culture
>Keep the peace and foster trade
Why do Balkanshits seethe over this?
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