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>the Vikings called it Greenland to attract settlers there
Is this a meme? How would the people who go there react when they discover it's not actually filled with pastures and forests?
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Based Germanics

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>In the Germanic economy, slaves performed both domestic work and farm labor.
>According to Tacitus, Germanic peoples treated slaves more mildly than contemporary peoples.
>Although the master had complete power of life and death over his slave, mistreatment of slaves is not recorded in early Germanic literature.
>In the Icelandic sagas, the children of slaves and masters are often mentioned as playing with each other.
>The manumission (freeing) of slaves among Germanic peoples was common, just as it was among the Romans. Owen notes that the life of a Germanic slave was "infinitely better than on the industrialized farms of Italy."
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Is Charlemagne FRENCH or GERMAN ?
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what flag has the coolest design of all time? what are your favorite flag colors? I like red, white, black.
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Civil War

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What led to the Civil War? Was it actually about freeing slaves?
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Why should it be illegal to question the legitimacy of any historical event?

(especially ones based almost entirely on witness testimony)
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Persuade me to believe in Christianity

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Are there any historical accounts of battles that took place between the Britons and the Anglo-Saxons? The Anglo-Saxon invaders seemed to have almost entirely displaced the Britonnic population of England, which implies that there must have been large scale military conflict yet I’ve never seen very much written about this period which is somewhat disappointing.
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"Of course God is real, Mommy told me so!"
"Wow, my parents are fallible people. It's pretty obvious that God isn't real because science disproved religion."
>Wait, science didn't actually change anything in the debate between Atheism and Theism. In fact, nothing has changed, we've just been running in circles for 3000 years."