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>Authoritarian regime
>state-controlled media
>propaganda machine
>cult of personality

I don't see any difference
>muh left and right
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>being sexually serviced by men and women
Perfectly straight.
>sexually servicing men and women
Fucking faggot.


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Seriously, the 50s were an awful time
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So why exactly were the natives and Africans so far behind in technology compared to the rest of the world? I'm not even racist, just genuinely confused.
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If I go to a protestant mass, will the bread and wine transubstantite for me? Or do I need to make sure I'm not attending a protestant mass by accident, and seek out a catholic church? (I travel a lot and am often in countries where catholocism is not the majority, and christianity can be hard to find completely.)
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Why did Romans hate cunnilingus? Were they cucks that just didn't want good sex?
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If out of Africa is false what’s the alternative? Isn’t there proof enough that we all have a common ancestor? No way we all just spawned in our separate homelands?
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Max Stirner

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>Gives up on life
Is Egoism the final red pill?

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Was there another point in history when people respected and sympathized with the rich/celebrities as much as the 1940s-2000s?

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Could he have secured the existence of an independent Ukrainian state to serve as a buffer with the Soviet Union?
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