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The 80 years war was a civil war between Dutchmen

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Most of the troops fighting on both sides were Dutch with various mercenaries.
Portraying the 80 years war as a war between Dutchmen and Spaniards is wrong, the latter were barely present there, it was a war between Dutchmen loyal the Habsburgs and rebels. Sure the commanders were often Spanish, but many were also Italian condottiere and other were Walloon among other things.

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How did they pull it off?
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Why was every non-Western civilization sexually fucked up in some way? That includes ancient Greece and Rome. Almost every historical society outside of medieval/modern (Western) Europe was filled with pederasty, pedophilia, incest, genital mutilation or some other bizarre shit like Chinks with their fucking mutilated foot fetish. Maybe primitive hunter-gatherer societies didn't do this shit, but pretty much every 'civilized' society did. It seems that only Christian Europe didn't institutionalize raping children or mutilating women.

>almost every non-Western society (inc. Chinese, Indians, Aztecs, Muslims, Southeast Asians, etc.) followed a marriage pattern where girls around 10-15 were married off by their parents to men in their late 20s or 30s
>Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Japanese, etc, had pederasty
>Ancient Egyptian men commonly married their sisters, Sassanian Persian men married their own mothers, sister and daughters, in both cases throughout society, not just royalty
>Africans did/do FGM
>Chinese made girls spend their whole childhoods mutilating their feet into fucking useless flippers because apparently that was hot as fuck - this happened to like 99% of girls in north China
>Chinese would occasionally arrange for a marriage between two infants, the boy's family adopting the girl and raising them as siblings until they were forced to marry against their will at puberty
>Southeast Asians and Tibetans would pay men to rape their daughters because being a virgin was seen as a bad thing that should be lost before marriage
>the Romans had a tranny cult where men would slice off their balls in a frenzy and throw them through people's windows
>Japan had a marriage pattern closer to Europe but still had child brothels
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Why do people say that eugenics and sterilization is immoral when it’s quite possible the most moral thing someone can do?

Isn’t it morally wrong to let dysgenic people live a miserable life in the which they contribute nothing to society and are a massive burden instead?

It would better for all of us as a species and help us get further than we could ever imagine while allowing suffering of lessers people to be non-existent because they will not exist to begin with .
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>The Christian fears this.
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Was Shintoism influenced by Hinduism? Is Shintoism a dharmic/vedic religion?
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對我來說, 楚
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What Needs to Be Done for Elgin Marbles to Be Returned?

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>go to a foreign country
>see some of the biggest masterpieces of the ancient world
>"this shit belongs to me!"
>literally steal it and ship it to your home country
>200 years later and it still hasn't been returned

How, how is this considered normal?

This stupid fuck literally ruined Parthenon, there's more of this stuff in the British Museum than it is in Athens. Why won't they return it? How is this not considered theft?

So, the British government, that often has a tendency of playing the Global policeman, is completely ignoring this and acting like they didn't steal this? Man, fuck this.
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The IDF gives a warning

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"On May 14, 1948

73 years ago

Israel declared independence

and was attacked by 6 foreign armies.

We won that battle.

And we will continue to win."
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Vintage photos thread?
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