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>a mere 40 years of state atheism completely destroyed all trace of 1000+ years of christianity in east germany

Lmao, how did Christcucks get BTFO so hard here?
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Mohammed the Paedophile.

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People really do get tremendously upset when you point out that Mohammed was a paedophile.

Why is this /his/?
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>Alexander wasn’t Nordi-
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Cold Winters Theory debunks scientific racism

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The Cold Winters Theory proposed by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen states that races living in cold dry climates have higher intelligence, while races living in warm humid climates have lower intelligence.

According to Allen-Bergmann's Rule, larger and rounder body shapes reduce surface area exposure and heat loss while increasing heat retention. So nonwhites such as Finns and Koreans have larger brains and higher encephalization, whiles whites have smaller brains and lower intelligence. Koreans have an average IQ of 107, while Finns have an average IQ of 104. On the other hand, whites have an average IQ of 100. Whiteness is just simply adaptations to survive in warm humid climes.

According to Templer (2006), IQ correlates at -0.76 for mean high winter temperature, − 0.66 for mean low winter temperature, clearly demonstrating that the whiter you are, the less intelligent you are.

According to Pesta (2014), temperature predicts IQ (and other well-being variables) within the 50 U.S. states. Colder U.S. states have higher income, higher IQ, less crime because they have more mongoloid traits.
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Why do Muslims tell everyone that Islam is so easy?

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like to Christians Muslims will say 'we don't have any popes, priests if u want to speak to Allah you can do at any time with no intercessor' 'Tawheed is simple and easy not complicated'

Yet no Muslim ever tells the Christian he MUST only speak to Allah at the 5 prayer intervals during the day, it's impermissible to make sujood any other time of day, his foot must be placed in a certain area or his prayer is not accepted, he must do wudu or prayer not accepted, he must face the ka'bah or prayer not accepted, if his prayer gets interrupted and he has to stop it's not accepted etc etc. He must only make dua in Arabic at prescribed times of day.

Another example, Muslims will say 'we have one book only for everyone on earth, Qu'ran is for everybody' yet nobody tells the Christian he MUST learn Arabic and read the Qu'ran IN Arabic to get full benefit and understanding, he must learn tajweed or be seen as a lesser Muslim, if one letter is mispronounced he's disrespecting the Quran etc etc

Clearly not simple, easy and straightforward. Yet in Christianity a man can simply drop to his knees or put his hands together at any time of day and speak to God in any language, any way he wants with no rules or timescales. there is so much detail in Islam i don't see why Muslims keep saying it's easy for any random joe on the street to begin practising.
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Is Stalin unfairly vilified by Western historians? The Russians actually seem to like Stalin. And we all know the number of deaths in the "black book of communism" were bullshit. Heck, the Gulags only had a 5% mortality rate.
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Art Thread

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Let's admire the human form like the mature adults of /his/ that we are.
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Who was the most loving wife/gf/woman/lover in history?

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How did the life of the average hunter gatherer compare to that of the modern wagie?
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Why no British communism?

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Why did Britain never fall prey to communism during its history? Marx himself thought Britain was the ideal country for a communist revolution, and yet it never happened. This was despite Britain being one of the more left-wing countries in Europe, having massive workers movements both before WW1, before WW2 and post-WW2, having large support for nominally socialist parties (Labour) and even the Communist Party itself having some support. And yet British leftism always seemed to tend towards moderate social democracy rather than communism of any kind. Hell, British leftists don't even bother to oppose the monarchy or the House of Lords. What gives?
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