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Whatever happened to the New Atheism movement?
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why do people care bout this sandland?

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I've would to what every intelligent people have been doing for centuries - Just move to a better place. Accept the defeat - it's the lesser of two evils. You think anyone cares about your pride when u are burried under rubble ?

I.e. I'm from eastern europe and everybody who didn't have house, land, connections and alike just moved to the western europe to enjoy the higher standard of living. More then a quater of population left we'll just start importing ukrainian labour force to sustain it all. History repeats itself it all the same.
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Tell me about Hyperborea.

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Humanity in its modern form has existed for about 200,000 years, but I’m supposed to believe that it never occurred to anyone to cultivate plant life or tame animals until 12k years ago? Granted, there were ice ages and yada yada yada, but even then, the tropics barely any cooler than they are today. What is more, the Eemian stage was warm enough to easily support civilization in the far north.
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How did they know who was Jewish? Couldn’t you just lie about it?

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When they came here, they didn't know what America would turn into or what it would become one day...life is crazy

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Any QRD/redpill on the Karaite people?

Does any great power have a better military record than the USA?

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Out of 10 major wars (wars against enemies whose strength was at least within an order of magnitude of their own), they've only lost 1 (they've also won pretty much every brush war, but those aren't really noteworthy). Their military record also includes the largest air and naval battles in history - with several of those battles breaking the record consecutively. Plus arguably the largest armored battle (depending on how you measure, Desert Saber was larger than Kursk) and some of the largest land battles in general. And because they're a modern superpower, even their minor wars are much bigger than the ones that countries base their entire national identities around.
>Revolutionary War: victory
>War of 1812: tie
>Mexican-American War: victory
>American Civil War: victory
>Spanish-American War: victory
>World War I: victory
>World War II: victory
>Korean War: victory
>Vietnam War: defeat
>Gulf War: victory
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why wasn't late Qing China (or China at any other point when the Euros were expanding their imperial empires) ever conquered and colonized outright by a foreign power? The massive clean sweep defeats of the chinese by the British in the opium wars leads me to believe much of China would eventually fold

This Man Is Responsible for Nazi Germany

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>start with the worst geostrategic position
>still manage to conquer all of Canaan

How did the Jews (Kingdom of Judah) do it?
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