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Going by this book's (5 stars on Amazon, recommended reading by many American educational institutions) methodology, how many people has capitalism killed?
>inb4 capitalism is an abstract concept it can't kill anyone
Going by this book's methodology, it can, as it talks about people communism has killed.
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What you made convert to Catholicism fellow brothers in faith?
And if you're not Catholic, why not?
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Early South American Countries

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What I exactly would like to find out is what struggles differentiated these countries.(apart from Caudillismo which was a constant)
While these states had a hard time forging an identity (for example most Argentinians agree that the notion of Argentina wasn't set until the italian migrations in the 20th century) its far easier to see their differences in the conflicts that dominated their politics, for example hte unitarian v federal debate was big in Colombia while nobody gave a damn about it in Peru, which was busy having coups to determine if the constitution would be liberal or protectionist.
What do you guys think

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Literally the only good History youtuber.
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>uhm sweaty you are actually supposed to just let terrorists of small countries shoot your political leaders and their family and not invade them afterward or else you are clearly a warmonger
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Spain was the largest trading partner of England in the XIII century

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And the Spanish, specially castilian merchants the largest group of immigrants to the country. That's right, Castile was England's gateway to the Mediterranean, and in the 13th century trade between the two kingdoms flourished like no other. Below I will attach some quotes from some books that deal with this subject, curious to say the least. From pelts to dried fruit to wheat were the types of products that the Castilians sold throughout England.
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Why no British communism?

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Why did Britain never fall prey to communism during its history? Marx himself thought Britain was the ideal country for a communist revolution, and yet it never happened. This was despite Britain being one of the more left-wing countries in Europe, having massive workers movements both before WW1, before WW2 and post-WW2, having large support for nominally socialist parties (Labour) and even the Communist Party itself having some support. And yet British leftism always seemed to tend towards moderate social democracy rather than communism of any kind. Hell, British leftists don't even bother to oppose the monarchy or the House of Lords. What gives?
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what did the uk get out of ww2?
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