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Was Stalin justified in fearing a Trotskyist plot?

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>be Catholic
>have a good debate about the existence of God and Christianity
>proddie appears
Protestantism is truly the cancer killing the Christian world.
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Thug Life

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Is there anything objectively wrong with starting a gang? When you think about it political parties are really just gangs everyone is cool with now

I mean shit the IRA, Nazis, KKK, Kennedys, and Soviets were all just once common gangsters bound by racial or economic ties
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Prehistoric skulls and reconstructions thread

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Post yours
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Is there any denying that the rise of America is the worst thing that has happened in human history?
I'm an American and even I can't deny this. British people are bigger cunts, most countries are less hospitable, and we've produced the best art of any modern nation besides France but we've also destroyed the world. The American people are decent folk (unlike the British) but American hegemony is a disaster.
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Where are you supposed to get morals from without God(s)?
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History and Science

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Let's talk a little about the Miscegenation between Amerindians and Europeans.
The mixture of races in scientific studies is incredible, the Spanish tried to study the behavior and results of Whites and Indians, and the result of genetic variation is extremely rare, is there any question you would like to ask about this? I have studied this event with books, but above all by empiricism (Since I live in what was a Spanish colony, Mexico).

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why don't Americans worship native americans as they do with blacks?
don't say it's because their population is low now so their votes don't matter, Americans pander to blacks because of a perceived historical injustice but as a non-American, you'd think native americans don't exist judging by their media, there must be another reason why
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