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The Communist revolution was unironically the greatest thing to happen to China.
If you even have a clue about what China was like pre-Commmunist rule, then you'd agree.
Of course if Mao had stepped down after the founding then it most likely would've been even better(?)
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English history be like
>Edward Scissortits;The Prince of Cummingshire, Earl of Staffordburrough, Duke of Llwueowueuwihfhpl, and Count of Aberweenie, met Lord Protector Nigel Peepeeham in battle at cropfarmway bridge and defeated his army of 4,000 infantry with 10 knights and a trebuchet, ending the barrons revolt of upswaddle

Islam is a demonic trap

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Recently, I've become very drawn to Islam and it logically makes alot more sense to me than christianity but I can't shake the feeling that something is off about it, little thing keeps tipping me off.
>The mandatory journey to mecca were you have to walk around the kabba in a circular pattern, almost like you're making a spiral formation
>The crain accident in 2015 were Allah let people brutally die while worshipping him.
>The aggression and inhumaness of people during the hajj to touch the cube and kiss the stones.
>The hats that muslims wear with the geometric patterns that remind of the crown chakra. This could have occultic implications.
>Black and gold coloring in Islam which has Masonic implications
>The mass coordinated prayer towards mecca around the globe. As if you're directing energy there.
>The snarkiness of imams and the annoying round about what muslims argue to try and convert you.
> The fact that it appeared after christianity, and it seems alot of Islam revolves around the deconstruction of christianity.
>I'm really not sure Islam is as violent a religion as we've been told, but a great deal of Muslim countries are in a constant state of disarray and turmoil but for this is that it's always due to the interference of Jews or America
>If Islam is true and all races are equal then that means all whites should cast aside their racism or concerns for their race, and assimilate to Islamic culture and that there is no issue with race mixing.

I dunno, it just seems like islam is some sort of spiritual harvesting programming to tune you into frequency not sure what exactly, but it's raising flags however despite this I still feel pulled to Islam in a way I haven't felt with other religions.
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Left is a statue celebrating African culture in New York. Right is a statue celebrating African culture in Senegal. Who did it better?
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what would you have done in his position?
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a day in the life in the late roman western empire

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You wake up in the wreck of your once proud city. Barbarians had been and gone in three days, taking anything of value and any piece of food they can lay their hands on. You still no idea why it happened or why they attacked you when it was the Emperors in Ravenna and Constantinople who had fucked the barbarians out of the and they had promised them in exchange for their military service.

The baths are still barely functional but there is a long line at the few fountains that weren't destroyed or filled with corpses. Procuring drinking water is going to be a challenge.

The public latrines have been completely ruined, people are just crapping into pots and throwing it into the river, ruining the only remaining source of possible water.

You're one of the old families is putting on a putting 'feast table' with supplies they've managed to procure from outside of the city. You know it won't be much but a little bread would go a long way.

You arrive at the feast to find the fucking fat christian bishop is declaring it a heathen practice and stealing the food for himself. You notice he has barbarian troops with him.

You decide, against every impulse, to leave. You head with some of the neighbor families to the old shrine at Preneste where there is at least saftey and water.

You arrive in time to see Imperial Troops (yes! finally!) who are kicking the refugees out and closing the heathen shrine at the behest of the Christian Emperor in Constantinople.

You begin to wonder how things got so out of hand.
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What kind of father sends a kid to throw a rock at a tank just to get a picture?

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Why didn't Hitler just ally with the jews? They had the capital he needed and he could give them the holy land.
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