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anyone else listen to his history vlogs? Very comfy
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Authentic films thread

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What history movies can you genuinely recommend to this board? Which of them are actually able to handle their setting's zeitgeist?

Pic related is Cromwell (1970), the only truly decent specimen of this genre I've encountered so far.

Post anything good.
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Anyone can enlighten me about ancient mesoptomia(babel/akkad/assurians),really would like to know more about them.

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Why did it have to go bros...
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If democracy is so important, why are democracies today refusing to push their voting methods to mathematically more viable ones, investing in electoral security, and making elections compulsory for everyone? We are still far behind the system invented by the Venetians a thousand years ago.
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Calendar needs to be updated

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Why is does the calendar start when Jesus was supposedly born? Clearly lots of shit happened before then, even in the Christian doctrine, so why start counting then instead of when they thought God made the universe? I never thought about it but referring to ancient greece as "1000 BC" is retarded. I think the calendar should start at least 10,000 years ago when society started and we should retroactively change the current date to the year 10,000, or set year 0 to the first recorded event

Alternatively we should change to using an era system like the elder scrolls. 1st era would be ancient times BC, the 2nd era would be the period between 1AD and 1945, and the ending of WWII should have marked the third era, so the current year should be 3E 75, or maybe you could slip another era in there somewhere
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The majority of human history is just groups of people doing what they think is right and/or just doing what they have to do and being controlled by a small group of elite psychopaths.