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>samaritans come from judaism and not from yahwism
>islam comes from rabbinic talmudism
>the only judaism that comes from rabbinic talmudism is the orthodox
>jehovah witness come DIRECTLY from early christianity and NOT from the protestants
>catholics come from eastern orthodox
>anglicans are separate from the protestants
>"protestant reformist church" is just code word for lutherans and calvinists
>only mentions a few protestant denomination at random
>no mention of oriental orthodox
>animism meme
>all paganisms HAS TO HAVE come from the same source and be on equal footing with the jewish/islamic/christian denominations for some reason
man... this shit is completely retarded
I don't know if this shit was made by a liberal jehovah's witness trying to say that his denomination is the only correct one because it comes DIRECTLY from the early christians or by a smarty pants plebitor that wanted to make a genealogy of all the religions and he just went with what ever wikipedia said.
Either way, I know this was made by a w*man cause it sure is retarded