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it do be like that xD

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>Thank you for your service
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Necesito decidir donde continuar mis estudios de abogacia. Fui 2 años a la UCA, pero deje la carrera en segundo año para probar mi suerte en ingenieria, lo cual no resulto muy bien. Reanude mis estudios de abogacia en la UBA, ya que no estaba seguro de si queria seguir abogacia o no y no queria que mis viejos desperdiciaran guita en la cuota, y actualmente estoy en segundo año. Ahora me pregunto si deberia seguir en la UBA o volver a la UCA.

La razon por la que pregunto esto es porque ultimamente estoy antagonizando mucho con la UBA, su alumnado y su ideologia, incluyendo un episodio en el cual un profesor judio incentivo a mis compañeros a mezclarlse racialmente. En terminos obketivos, cual es la mejor universidad para estudiar abogacia y cual esta mejor vista a la hora de buscar trabajo.

Desde ya muchas gracias
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>it takes Australians 6 months to download Winter
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this is what Poland used to be about
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Every time I come here some subhuman posts a nigger penis.

This board should be deleted

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Why are Meds that pathetic?
They are literally shitskin.
We know Juan from Spain looks like Mohammad from Iraq.
Has racemixxing ruined ancient roman genes?
Is their genepool one clusterfuck?
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I'm not really racist or anything but African food looks disgusting to me.

>Waakye (/ˈwɑːtʃeJ/ WAH-chay)[2] is a Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and beans, commonly eaten for breakfast or lunch.

>It is then commonly wrapped in banana leaf and accompanied by one or more of Wele stew, boiled chicken eggs, garri, shito, vegetable salad of cabbage, onions and tomatoes, spaghetti
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no jannies quick lets soyduel
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no one:
absolutely nobody:
still nobody:
not a single soul:
literally no one:
not even big chungus:
not even keanu reeves:
random incel on 4chan: SOIJAK(500).JPG LOL I QUOTE YOU
[everyone disliked that]
baby yeed: wait that's illegal
brie larson: ok that was lowkey on point
pickle rick: *slaps roof of car* luke did i ever tell you about the time i turned myself into a pickle? it was an epic moment.
luke: *is retarded*
CIA: Bane?
sans undertale: hey don't google HP Lovecraft's cat name
[OP googles hp lovecrafts cat name]
CIA: congratulations you got yourself caught!
stan lee: *flies past in a spaceship* ooooh i dont care what universe you're from that's GOTTA HURT
[everyone laughed]
keanu reeves: you're breathtaking!
area 51 guards:i bet i can take keanu reeves
keanu reeves: you sure about that
keanu reeves: kills all area 51 guards
area 51:wait thats illegal
Everyone liked that
CIA: am I joke to you?
Alt right incels: there's no way star wars can be good agai....
Baby Yeed: hold my beer
Big chungus joined the chat
Drumpf has left the chat
4chanlets: 'Yeah, I'm thinking this is kind of epic based pilled, maybe a bit of a coom moment?? Idk think I might post a frog.
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