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Did you know that the Irish and blacks used to be very close? The two groups were looked down upon in the 19th century, so they found common ground and intermingled. In fact, Tyrone, a stereotypical black name, was in fact an Irish one.

However, the Irish later became white and started beating the shit out of blacks, so they lost their friendship.

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Why was Prussia, WW1 Germany, and WW2 Germany so autistic? I understand the whole thing during WW2 but

- Why did Germans have such an inferiority and superiority complex about everything

- Why two agressive wars of expansion

What drove this mentality? I've stared and stared at maps of Europe before 1914 and 1936 and I still can't seem to get it.

Why has Germany always been so damn arrogant?
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Why do so many countries have tricolors? its the most boring flag design possible, at least have an illustration or something!
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kurva anyátok
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>bet 40 quid that M'bufu would score against Ahmed by half time
>he got beheaded on the way to the match
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why are russian women so popular?

in america, everybody wants a russian wife. i've travelled to the UK and they also all want a traditional russian wife.
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Name five Germans.
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>swedish humor