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Give me a cool Japanese Samurai name.
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>gets a gas stove
>intiates a grease fire in it's first use
Americans, explain thyselves.
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When can we expect Denmark-Norway to reunite?

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How's the weather in your country this year?

Is it any different from last year?
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Saunassa kävimpi, nyt ompi puhdas nyymi-painos. :3
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When were /int/ gold times? I only started browsing here since 2014, I heard people say without flags /int/ was better.
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There was a Turk in the Tang Empire who led a rebellion against the Tang and occupied North China. He caused the deaths 36 million people and percentage wise his rebellion probably had the same effect as WW2 did.

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>you will never live in a Cantinflas 50's mexican movie

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Er jeg helt retardert eller er det ikke noen norgestråd?
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