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>soon I'll have 3

feels good man

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Are chinese people beautiful by western standards?
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Top 5 racists countries in the world

>Czech Republic

1- Your country
2- Are you racist?

1- Spain
2- Yes

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/balk/ - Balkan Thread

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Comfy vibes edition.
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This is what Reddit does to a human being
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Belarus is a legitimate country with its own language and culture.
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The Most Important Country In The World

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/bra/ - fio brasileiro

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Edição da curtição.
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Why was Prussia, WW1 Germany, and WW2 Germany so autistic? I understand the whole thing during WW2 but

- Why did Germans have such an inferiority and superiority complex about everything

- Why two agressive wars of expansion

What drove this mentality? I've stared and stared at maps of Europe before 1914 and 1936 and I still can't seem to get it.

Why has Germany always been so damn arrogant?
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