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1. Your country
2. Are you a coomer or are you on no fap
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Is Christianity dead in your country?
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my ultimate power fantasy
>live in 15 century ottoman
>wealthy trader
>bought a cute crimean slave
>sex sex sex
>liberate her as my wife
>have half a dozen of brown kids
VVGH, what could have been

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My slavic brothers...

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Fixed it

Why people don't accept that Anglo countries are superior?

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>among the richest
>their native language is studied all over the world
>has influenced the culture of the rest of the world
>has had the greatest empire
>has made more contributions in almost all subjects
>they have a hegemonic power
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How did he grow so big and red?
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Calling slave black men bucks literally came the wives of these plantation owners having sex with these men. Women were known to go to slave markets and purchase the black men they desired to bring back to the plantation. Buck became a slang for a black slave who was used to fuck the white women of the plantation
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/bra/ - fio brasileiro

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Edição da curtição.
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I'm brown but I support white supremacy.
Does this happen in your cunt?
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