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In a better world...
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Belarus is a legitimate country with its own language and culture.
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Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド

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>Yes, America will surely win the race against China
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stereotypes about women

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what are some stereotypes (positive or negative) you've heard about women from other countries?
which ones are true about your own?

I'll start:
Basically ugly and unfeminine, vulgar
Although people believe that they don't shave, many seem to imagine them as sophisticated and refined. Also being arrogant and stuck up is a trait associated with french people as a whole.
>Sweden / Scandinavia in general
Beautiful blondes, very hospitable but not family oriented. Big booba
Racist and Fetishistic beautiful blondes
Love n-words and n-word penis
Whores, but also family oriented and traditional which is strange. Also known to be beautiful. Small booba
People in America basically see spanish and mexican / hispanic as the same thing
>Asians in general
love white pp, hyperfeminine and tiny booba

I'll stop there
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>firstoids never got their ass beaten by their parents for misbehaving
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/nederdraad/ spelletjes editie!

Welkom: Spelletjes en spellenspelers

Niet-Welkom: Vrouwen

draad thema: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2x04aZa7Ees
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do you like spicy latinas?
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brazilian women were made to russian men