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What's life like in the former DDR/GDR?
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Singapore is the greatest country on earth and it's not even close.

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Is Argentina, mayhaps, TOP 3 most BASED countries in South America? I'd go as far as saying the most based taking into account the next variables:
Give me your opinion.
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List Your Top 5 Favorite Countries

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You cannot include your own, and meme answers will be soyjaked.

Mine are:
1. UK
2. Germany
3. Russia
4. Japan
5. France
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/bra/ - fio brasileiro

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Edição da curtição.
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How does Tinder (or other dating apps) work in your cunt.
Do you have to drag your balls through many dates or do go strait to sex sex sex ?
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Have you ever participated in a remunerated clinical trial in your country?

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Knowing that school material is actually more difficult in other countries is kind of disturbing. I look at my friends that dropped out of US highschool and think "damn, in Japan/India/South Korea they'd probably be lobotomized"
And I know several drop-outs.

Then you read 50% of US college students have to retake calculus and I was one of them. God damn being self aware of being on the bottom half of the intelligence spectrum in the US is an unforgiving trip.

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Have you honored the 10 commandments, /int/?