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Post horrible looking weapons made in your country
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>firstoids never got their ass beaten by their parents for misbehaving
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List Your Top 5 Favorite Countries

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You cannot include your own, and meme answers will be soyjaked.

Mine are:
1. UK
2. Germany
3. Russia
4. Japan
5. France
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>one chance in life
>not born in Japan
why live
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white americans, europeans and australians, why don't you come to Mexico and teach english or something? You'll live like a king if you come. You can cum in my house and sleep in my bed, no drama.
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Reminder that flat chest is superior. Reminder that short coiffure is superior.
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>czy wspominałem już, iż kopię piłkę?

poprzednio: >>147070021
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Is Argentina, mayhaps, TOP 3 most BASED countries in South America? I'd go as far as saying the most based taking into account the next variables:
Give me your opinion.
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The reason Irish is a dying language is because the people in control of Ireland's government have always been snotty nosed West Britons.
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