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Are NVG's worth it? And if so what is the best bang for the buck
>gen 2+ vs gen 3
>PVS 7 vs PVS 14
>Green or White
>any good value brands or brands/websites to stay clear of.
I do have limited training using NOD's in the army, would it be better to through 3000 into a ammo stockpile/training. I already have a good go to war AR and sidearm and a plate carrier and battle belt set up. My main operational envirnment would be farmfields and suburbs
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Anyone build a Sten?

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Saw these listed on GB and thought it'd be a cool build. I'm assuming there's a way to make these glownigger compliant.
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FAL or G3

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I need a FAL

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Never had one never shot one never held one only seen one on the internet and prolly TV
Why should I own a FAL over other rifles. Sell me like a used cars salesman would
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Combat Spacewalking

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Can we talk about combat spacewalking? I just watched Gravity for the first time and it intrigued my thoughts about this topic again.

If an astronaut in any current spacesuit is hit with debris as small as an inch, at orbital velocity.....it's going to be an instant kill. I feel that in orbit to be effective in man v man combat, niggas are going to need an Iron Man suit or some shit
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How important would submarines be if World War Three broke out today?

US in a Soviet style collapse

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Will pilfering of government stockpiles run rampant?
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Here’s your modernized Spectre bro

ITT: Guns with cringe owners

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I'll start
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Canada General - CANGEN

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Canada General: "Dubs have spoken" Edition
New here? Would you like to legally acquire a firearm in Canada?

Defend your natural born rights against grabbers;
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