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Got a couple Questions...

A. I got a PSA m4 upper clone with a PSA m16a4 lower clone. Everything is phosphate coated. Full auto BCG. Am I tard for this?

B. I'm wondering how shit Firefield optics are? Are they even worth it? Should I go to holosun? Should I go straight to gucci shit?

C. I want to get USGI aluminum clipazines. I've heard good things, just wanna get y'alls opinion.

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>get knock on door
>see pic related
>"I've cum to put out the fire in your asshole"
What do you do?

ITT: Most devastation navy worships

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Did they though?
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Helmet Thread

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ECH bros is this helmet worth getting? It seems like an earlier ECH with a single screw NVG mount, no rails or cover, and costs ~$450.

Also helmet thread. Post helmets NAO.
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What is the point of Micro chest rigs???

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I've noticed a lot of dudes larping with these tiny micro chest rigs that only hold like 2-3 mags.

Most A-stan vets I've spoken to told me they'd always roll with as many mags as possible on patrol, I'd usually hear ~12. And I know militaries over the years have usually had troops carry a decent number of mags, the SADF battle jackets carried like 10 mags while their chest rigs carried 8 (35rd mags tho). Slavs carry a bunch too. Literally the only military I can think of that issued fucking 3 cell chest rigs were poorfag commies like the chinks.

What is the purpose of these micro rigs? I genuinely don't get it, are people just too fat and lazy to carry more mags? Inb4 hurr durr you don't need more mags unless you go to war, bitch if you're not in the middle of a class 3 chimpout you don't need more than what's in the gun already.

I know the C
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How to find range buddies?

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How do I find people in my area to go to the range with? I live in Racine, WI if that helps. I'm banned on reddit so can't go there. Feds need not apply.
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Which gun do you think is used most in suicides? I'd put money an it being a Taurus, you have to be in a pretty bad spot to own one

Anyone build a Sten?

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Saw these listed on GB and thought it'd be a cool build. I'm assuming there's a way to make these glownigger compliant.
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What would happen if modern Japan was transported back to 1931?
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