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F-35 Love Thread

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Chinese propaganda bots on suicide watch
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>all nativeborn englishmen are still technically required by law to own a longbow and practice with it every sunday

haven't been breaking the law, have we?
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Gun Waifu Thread

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Ctrl F’d and no dice
2D and 3D welcome
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Black Project Thread

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Last one was pretty great. Post your best SAPs/CAPs.
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Coon killin machines

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Any reccomendations for dw for them nigfags who cum on geroge floyd? i wanna shoot me some coons next time they dare raid our small buisnesses

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>he didn’t sign up for the ninja division of the army
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Geneva conventions

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Should we abolish the treaties? I say its about time
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How do I get out of the army?

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Is anyone else low key looking forward to the regulation of all/other gun components in a bitter sweet way? Obviously, it’s a heavy infringement of the 2A, and it fails to ultimately accomplish anything aside from annoying law abiding enthusiasts. However, it will filter 3D print bros, force builders to learn how to manufacture their arms from scratch, and perhaps even strengthen the black market. It might end up ultimately being a catalyst for the greater good. People don’t care to create or establish things unless it becomes a necessity. This would make it a necessity.
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what's this blue thing?

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what's the blue thing hanging on the lower left (her left) of her chest rig? also sorry if this image broke any rules
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