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STALKER/Metro/Fallout thread. Post best weapons and gear. I love the Metro games for the metro made guns. I wish I could have some of them in real life.
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17L Slide

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Just tried an after market 17L slide and barrel on my Glock build, was having issues feeding and extracting. Anyone have any experience with a 17L? Factory or Aftermarket?

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Canada, why the fuck were you hiding this dude?
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/brg/ Battle Rifle General

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Photo Contest Edition
Old thread:>>50056738
DO post kits
DO Post builds
DO Post rifles
DO shoot your guns
DO post your groups
DO be helpful
DO post about your /brg/ /diy/ projects
DO be a fren
DON'T be a trap
DON'T be a trip
DON'T post airsoft (sans hk wide grip)
DON'T average 6 posts a day
DON'T let thread 404 at 200 posts
make fun of m1a owners all you want in the thread, but you must defend them with your life outside of /brg/
/brg/ unity will outlast the trap/trip invasion and the slow posting
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What is the second greatest aircraft of all time?

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Possibly the F-15 given its combat record.
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knife general /kg/

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lets go. post sexy knife pics and discuss blades
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Was there any actual chance of it ending the war by Christmas if it had succeeded? Or was the entire premise based on wholly unrealistic expectations from conception?

I am by no means an expert but it seems to me that Market Garden was entirely driven by the "we've got 'em on the run" kind of arrogance on the part of the Allies that had led the German Army to disaster in the Soviet Union in 1941, the Japanese Navy to its own destruction Midway in 1942, the Confederate Army to disaster in Pennsylvania in 1863, and the French to disaster at Waterloo in 1815.
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I can't wrap my fucking head around how do ships and airplanes work??!?!

Ships today are made of iron and steel. I took a iron pan and gently placed it on the water in my bathtub and it SANK. Tried the same with other types of pans and they ALL SANK. These pans had NOTHING inside them, yet somehow ships that carry billions of tonnes of armament FLOAT??!

Same with airplanes, they're made of like aluminum. I carefully remove the top and bottom and flattened out the middle of an aluminum can and made an paper airplane out of it (aluminum airplane?) - anyway when I threw it off my balcony it fell down and almost killed the neighbore below.

I get that wood floats, that makes fucking sense, which is why we made ships out of wood back before Vietnam. And I get that fabric and paper winged airplanes do fly, which is why the wright brothers could fly and why such airplanes were common before vietnam. I get that some hot air ballons can fly if you fill them with hot air ballons.

But how the fuck do METAL airplanes and boats work?!?! METALS are heavy!

Is it all just a conspiracy theory? I once flew on an airplane, but what if they're just really fast trains under the ocean, and the little windows are screens that make us think we're flying?!! Or airships?
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any reason why I shouldn't cut my handguard down to be just over the gas block? I think it would look cool
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I want a handgun hat won't jam. A silencer that fits it. And a laser that fits it and gives me perfect accuracy. What exactly should I buy.
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