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Is condor gear really that bad /k/?
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How long until there's a counter?

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How long until there's a counter that can prevent the explosion, but also be portable? On the back of a truck for example, something that can move with an army.

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What's the updated version of this?

Judgement Thread

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ITT, we make assumptions about /k/ommandos based on their firearms choices. Complete collections not required, but include more than one gun if you have it.
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She died when she accidentally shot herself in the head while cleaning her boyfriend's .45 in 1997. Rule of thumb: make sure the gun isn't dirtier after you've finished cleaning it
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Neat and Interesting Experimental small arms

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post em
finnish al 43 "Heavy SMG" that fired a 9x35mm cartridge roughly on par with 8mm kurz
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>>you know how testosterone is

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Do you ever wish we could go back to melee and archery combat?
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Is it true, that in theory, a rogue SSBN could launch an authorised nuclear strike? What would happen if it did?

Magazine covers thread

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