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>Artillery adds dignity
How the fuck did the retard who said this justify it in his head? Artillery is a tool for letting some fag miles away eviscerate people he can't even see with no risk of personal injury, it's the least weapon of war around barring airplanes.
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Toddler Shoots Parents After Finding Their Unsecured Gun on Nightstand

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Conceal Carrying While Jogging?

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How do you guys carry while jogging. Trying to avoid using a fannie pack around my waist or those gay chest packs.
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Favorite gun?
Favorite camo?
>Tiger Stripe
Favorite food?
>Jalapeño and cheese smoked sausage on a kaiser roll with sauerkraut

Home state?
>Pic related
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Tell me why my gun is trash
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Fallout: New Vegas is the best /k/ related video game, prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.
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Hey /k/. I have to write a story for a college class. There's no restrictions on what it can be about, just that it has to have a minimum of 20,000 words.
My story currently has the title of "A Yankee in another world", and if you can't tell, it's about some poor American schmuck who gets isekai'd to a magical fantasy world.
I'm having difficulty choosing his armaments. I want him to have a clear advantage, and I don't think a shotgun or bolt action would be enough. I want him to have a durable, environment resistant semi-auto rifle, and I want it to be an American design, since one of his schticks is bragging about how great America is. I've already tossed out the M1 Garand or M14, since those violently shit the bed when exposed to mud and sand. I'm currently down to either a 20" M16 clone or a retro AR-10 clone like pic related.
So my question is, would a 20" AR loaded with 77gr Mk.262 ammo be perfectly adequate for a situation like this? Fighting monsters like orc's and goblins, people with chainmail and plate armor, animals like bears and wolves, and other creatures like undead and wyverns. I know a .308 would obviously be better for all of these, but I'd prefer him to have a light, handy rifle with low recoil.
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What are the chances the US will be involved in the coming Israeli conflict in a large capacity similar to Iraq 04?
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Your favourite gun is now a girl, what's she like?
How much does having a newly acquired loyal girl who can turn into a gun at any point impact your life?
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/ak/ Thread - Fighter Jet Edition

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>Image Limit Reached
>Last Thread >>49269291

Post your best jets.
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