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What is the most silent suppressor + pistol combo? My pick: Ruger 22/45 Mark IV
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What are some /k/ approved games? I start with the Close Combat series
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i know its gay to like bullpups

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so i guess this is me coming out, ngl i want this thing
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Alright so what am I in for?

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Just copped this threaded tomcat 3032 in .32ACP with walnut grips
Its smaller than an LCP
What am I in for .32 ACP CHADS?
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Carbine General

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Post pictures of your Carbines and information how far out you can shoot.
Carbines fire

M1 Carbine Prices are through the roof.
Royal Tiger Imports still has a stock pile from Ethiopia


Kel-Tek Sub 2000's , and what ever else they are shitting out.

The High Point 995 did nothing wrong.
Sub Guns are okay, MAC11 semi autos in Carbine Configurations
UZI Carbine Configurations, PPS and Semi auto Grease Guns
UMP 45 sub rifles MP5 long barrel stocked rifles and all others.

Classical Camp Rifles the Marlin 9, Beretta Storm,
Ruger PC9.

Any Rifle chambered in pistol caliber except for the AR and AK's since you have your own generals.
No Pistol Braces

Trannies will never be women in real life.

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New to guns what ammo has more avalibility 7.62×54r or 8mm mauser in a survival situation
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If you had to kill a bunch of these, what rifle would you bring?
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Gonna post some pages from the "1990 Gun Digest"
The contents/index will be first
If you see a article or section you want to see just say something
Gonna start with the "Centerfire military auto rifles" section
Also if anyone has an old book/magazine or ad please post if willing
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Is my shit a fake

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I think my martini is fake it’s my own fault for not taking a close enough look but I need second opinion
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What is the best Glock and why is it the 48?
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