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ITT: inaccuracies in media about guns that piss you off

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>mid-00s FPS vidya
>gun models are flipped for 'better animations'
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you get to choose one song to blast while committing inhuman levels of violence against whoever you feel deserves it. what are you playing?

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>8.6 creedmoor

Am I the only one who is excited about this caliber? Its essentially a 6.5 creedmoor opened up to shoot 338 caliber bullets. It should drop right into any .308 gun with a simple barrel change. Although it is coming from the assholes at Q so who knows when it will ever be ready.
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/NVG/ Night Vision General

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Tactical dog peeing edition
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Anyone else get euphoric and erect at the thought of a sub 10 cent (before 2020 nigger riot burger ammo prices you fags) 7.62x39mm round being shot into a brain and rendering the millions of dollars and actions put into that person useless? A whole person who's eaten thousands of pounds of food, trained thousands of hours, and was attached to so many things, defeated by a 50 year old piece of copper and lead. This isn't your average "/b/tard feels like a god with a gun" post, it's a "be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet" post.
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Got Made Fun At Range Today

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Almost found out how much damage 6.8 Creedmoor Custom SST would do to several white bois.
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ITT: Sexy Tanks

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/k/ sex

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anons have your funs or your gear ever helped you get laid? You can include your /k/ transportation if you want

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how good is the J20? what exactly do we even know about it?
let's try to have an actual serious discussion here, keep the paki CCP chilling/seething pajeet and burger screeching to a minimum
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Why did Tom Clancy get so much mainstream attention?
Who best took on his mantle when it comes to Military fiction?
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