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no guns here, why do soliders only wear one knee pad?

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STALKER/Metro/Fallout thread. Post best weapons and gear. I love the Metro games for the metro made guns. I wish I could have some of them in real life.
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Does anyone know what vest this guy has
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How many of you are just compensating?

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>Did you hear that Anon is not able to withstand two weeks
of constant combat followed by a decisive battle lasting somewhere between 72 to 96 hours?

What plate carrier does /k/ recommend?

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I didn't pay attention when CIF issued my shit and didn't take the time to see who manufactured the flaks we used. Anyone know where I can find similar plate carriers to pic related?
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Sunglasses General

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Looking to buy my first pair of proper sunglasses for outdoor works and innawoods shenanigans.
Polarised is a must. Thinking about getting some Oakleys but no clue which style is best. Enlighten me bros.
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How come nobody has been able to recreate the shot?

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there's a second shooter that's why.
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What is the most silent suppressor + pistol combo? My pick: Ruger 22/45 Mark IV
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What are some /k/ approved games? I start with the Close Combat series
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