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Marine corp cringe

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Why does this branch attract all sorts of degenerates?
>joins army to be operator or pog mos that translates well to civilian world
>joins navy to travel and have a good job when dd214
>joins airforce same reasons as above or finish 20 years and get retirement
>joins marine just to be a marine
the vast majority of marine recruits ive seen at meps, when i asked for their reasoning why they chose the marines its always "I want to prove myself, to challenge myself and push me to my limits, for honor and glory. You have to be a retard to get fooled by marine corp ads
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What is the best calibers to deal with mutated lizard that try to steal my precious bodily fluids after nuclear armageddon?
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Lost balaclava
Reward: 1 (you)

Where can I buy one of these 2 hole Russian balaclavas? Grey shop has the one hole version for sale from what I can tell but I want the 2 hole. I got to wanting one from playing Squad.
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Are martial arts a meme

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I mean in a street fight with no weapons 1v1 how much does martial arts actually help you. What are some of the best ones. And is 25 too late to learn
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is delaware a based state for gun laws

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New NVG thoughts

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you get to choose one song to blast while committing inhuman levels of violence against whoever you feel deserves it. what are you playing?

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/NVG/ Night Vision General

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Tactical dog peeing edition
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Anyone else get euphoric and erect at the thought of a sub 10 cent (before 2020 nigger riot burger ammo prices you fags) 7.62x39mm round being shot into a brain and rendering the millions of dollars and actions put into that person useless? A whole person who's eaten thousands of pounds of food, trained thousands of hours, and was attached to so many things, defeated by a 50 year old piece of copper and lead. This isn't your average "/b/tard feels like a god with a gun" post, it's a "be polite, be efficient, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet" post.
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Got Made Fun At Range Today

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Almost found out how much damage 6.8 Creedmoor Custom SST would do to several white bois.
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