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humor/screencap/greentext thread
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Texas gun law question here. I didn't make see a thread so I decided to make this one.

If you tried to buy a handgun and where turned down due to answering the wrong question on the background check, Can I try another store or am I screwed, is there some other sales place in Texas?
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/arg/ ar general

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old >>49299216

discuss your optimum zombie killer loadout edition
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What does /k/ think about British tanks in WW2? I notice people here don't talk about them much.
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I had a long thing typed out, but I will keep it simple. Finger choils are fine, sharpening choils are fine in some rare cases but in most cases they are absolutely retarded. Knives should be sharpened right up to a 90 degree ricasso so that cutting thin material like plastic or fabric is efficient using that part of the blade. The ricasso will stop material from sliding further down and the edge will be sharp enough to cut it. A blade that gets thicker before the ricasso is a retarded design. Purposefully adding a snag point right next to a square ricasso solves NOTHING. Just don't sharpen right again the ricasso if you don't want to...pretend a sharpening choil is there. Even if that part does not get sharpened, it's MUCH better than a literal snag point.
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What happens if a new technology renders ranged weapons useless, /k/ommandos?

Like in Dune? What happens when melee becomes king again?

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I took my imouto out to the range today. It was her first time at the range and she enjoyed it.
10/10, was a pretty good day!
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Who makes these IDF uniforms?
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/bst/ - Buy Sell Trade

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Rule #1: Don't be a jew.

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You are president of South Vietnam in 1974, Nixon is out and you have no American air support. What do you do
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