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Can 5.56 kill in one shot with mk262, and it's just plebs with Walmart ammo that give it a bad rep along with zogbots forced to use m855 until 2002?
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Good rifle and ammo to kill these?
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/AG/ Alabama General

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How are prices in your area?
Any recent deals?
Keep your eye on the upcoming gubernatorial election. Ivey is trash. We need a real pro gun governor. Look into Dean Odle. Website: https://www.deanodleforgovernor.com/

Join algunforum.com
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>"Really nice city-state you got there, Singapore. Wonder which empire helped you turn it from a backwater malaria port into one of the most successful economies on the planet..."

Absolute Chad move.
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how fat are your guns?
>.22lr is 7.2lbs loaded with sling, 7.4 lbs if I add the red dot too, but I usually shoot it with irons
>shotgun is a hair under 7.2 (scale goes by .2 of a lb and jumped between 7 and 7.2lbs) loaded with sling
>16 inch AR carbine is 7.6 lbs with optic but no sling and unloaded
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the more I see thumbs like this, the more I feel that the Desert Eagle is overrated
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Anyone ever tried anything from Tacticon Armament?

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Are their products any good?
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>yfw ammo is still expensive
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Maritime Security

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Anyone here know anything about maritime security? Former milfag, avid gun guy and been on ships in the mil. The pay seems all over the place, anything from $700/day to salaried 50k a year. As far as I can tell, I'll need to get TWC and some kind of watch standing cert. I'd love some more info, as I'm looking for a gig to tide me over for a year or so.
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The Little Badger

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Give me one good reason you don't own this little fren