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asian man here how do i protect my self from black/white supremacy hate crime? any advice on how not to relax and to be ready?
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In the right hands(not sandniggers)....Could this have been a good fighter?
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/arg/ - AR General

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AR Thread
Cancer Containment

Unity Tactical Edition

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QTDDTOT thread

Is there any ability to change frames and slides on certain 3rd Gen Smith and Wesson’s?
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What IS up with all the (((WWII enthusiasts))) on this board?
Do you think technology hasn't changed in, oh, eighty years?

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What’s the best cartridge for a levergat?
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Is the Barracuda the best European nuclear attack submarine?
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/hg/-Handgun general #573

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Braced pistol PDWs>PCCs edition
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I can hardly come to grips with how perfect the galil ace seems to be.

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Im a reliability guy and if i was going to buy a semiauto rifle i would def choose a well made ak over any ar. But i always thought aks were a little bit lacking in sleekness. Beautiful yes, but they didnt look like something you would shuv up your vag. The galil ace on the other hand is. Its gorgeous.
Is there anything as reliable as a galil ace that looks anywhere near as good as one?
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/k/ dogs

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I know this is kind of a low test cat board, but for the few dog owners out there, what do you own? What dogs are /k/? For me, it's the Borzoi. They were originally bred to hunt wolves on the Steppe. They're, quick, lean and loyal. And they don't bork like other working dogs.
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