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What are the chances of:
>US and China escalating to military conflict over Taiwan/south china sea
>such conflict NOT escalating to MAD
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Has your gun collection ever helped you get some poossay?
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Share your nice finds. Kel-tec gang
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arg ar general ar thread ar thread general ar general thread

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giddy edition

no trannies or tranny lovers allowed
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Hot Ta/k/es

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Post opinions that would get you crucified on /k/
>Hard Mode: No politics

I'll start: I think Bakelite is hideous, and it makes weapons look cheap and third rate
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big bada-boom

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which one /k/?
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humor/screencap/greentext thread
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complete no-holds barred total war but with no foreign influence assisting either. who wins?
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Kino pics thread - boomer edition

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Post the most kino looking boomers u have, other aesthetic images would be cool too I guess.
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/meg/ - Military Enlistment General

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Jelly Donut Edition

Previous thread: >>49269826

Lying about criminal history = BAD
Lying about medical history = GOOD

>IRC Channel
>implying anyone uses IRC
#MEG on Freenode
If you're on mobile look up AndroIRC for the app. Any questions, ask in the thread to get you set up.


>Special Forces Fitness Guide

All around SOF website. Great info and run by former/active members of SOF units. Mentor program. Also has forums for international SOF.

For all Army SF info.

This is an all-inclusive thread for MARSOC/Force Recon stuff. Good site for Marines info too.

Naval Aviator forum with info on Navy OCS as well

Airforce Pilot guide

>Before you ask a question, check the FAQ

>Should I go Navy Enlisted Nuke???
No. http://i.imgur.com/FZ0Q9q4.png
tl;dr: Long hard school, to do shitty work, and the job prospects are a lie.

>Info on sf86

>Free ASVAB Study Books

>2020 Ft Jackson Army Basic Training Guide to Stealing Food
https://pastebin.com/yg972vRE (Short version)
https://pastebin.com/53tsDj90 (Detailed version)

>How to get into shape for basic military training when starting from nothing
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