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>elite SAS team
>gets btfo by goat herders and bulldozers
wouldn't have happened if mcnab was not in charge
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>"Really nice city-state you got there, Singapore. Wonder which empire helped you turn it from a backwater malaria port into one of the most successful economies on the planet..."

Absolute Chad move.
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Funny hunting stories

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I'll go first

>be me
>be like 9
>live in West Virginia
>dad takes me and my brother (7) squirrel hunting
>walk a bit into the woods
>my brother kills his first squirrel
>walk for like 2 more hours bitching all the way
>see a squirrel
>aim my 410 single shot
''what's that noise?''
>we all hear water running
>look up
>little brother pissing right in-front of me
>squirrel fucking books it
uh oh.jpeg
>dad is pissed
>starts smacking his ass
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Maritime Security

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Anyone here know anything about maritime security? Former milfag, avid gun guy and been on ships in the mil. The pay seems all over the place, anything from $700/day to salaried 50k a year. As far as I can tell, I'll need to get TWC and some kind of watch standing cert. I'd love some more info, as I'm looking for a gig to tide me over for a year or so.
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What does it feel like when you shoot an AK-74 with 2kg under the barrel and folding stock?
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I read the way to get around having your gun registered to you is to just buy a gun making kit and buy bullets online. Is that true doing that makes it impossible for cops to trace you?
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/akg/ AK General

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What Vest Is This? Edition

Thread #1462

Old thread: >>50080764
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Uncomfortable truths

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Post em
>/k/ uses Russia as its whipping boy because it’s low hanging fruit to distract from the fact that China is in the process of passing America militarily
>inb4 t. chang
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why are glowniggers allowed to live amongst us

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wtf? is there no laws against this?
how do I check if my neighborhood has a glownigger traphouse?
fucking bullshit
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Is the American military really as badly organized as this show portrays it?
>soldiers lacking basic sanitation items
>no batteries for their night vision
>having to go 30+ hours without sleep, severely impairing their awareness and reactions
>having to bribe supply officers to get basic spare parts for their vehicles
>having to ship combat items like a shield for the 50cal machine gun themselves
>captains and lieutenants calling in retarded danger close artillery strikes and not knowing basic combat terminology. Also freaking out and endangering their men
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