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no guns here, why do soliders only wear one knee pad?

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What's /k/'s take on the SIG MCX?

I don't own any semi auto rifles aside from my .22 and I figured it was time to rectify that. Naturally I was looking at ARs and AKs and then I came across the MCX. They're selling it as having the modularity of an AR but it has a gas piston system which was part of what attracted me to AKs and you can get it chambered in 5.56 and 7.62 X 39 so I could learn how to operate one rifle and have both of the calibers I'm interested in.

Would this be a good first intermediate rifle for me? Is the QC good? Is it a piece of shit?
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How has the M2 gone this long without being replaced?
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What could you make?

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Hey /k/ so I have this pipe and I'm thinking of making it a 12 Gauge slamfire, nothing too special.

If I had the choice and access to tools I would make a crude 9mm blowback but that means machine tools that I don't have access too, any suggestions?

Just want something for self defense for when shit hits the fan
Thanks I'm advance /k/
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How do I make black powder from my own piss?
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Homemade landmines

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Am sckitzo,want easy to make homemade landmine.give.
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Next Regime Change

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So, where are our door-kickers going next? SCS? Ukraine? Iran? Syria? Who's going in with us?
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Why are Holosuns frowned upon again?

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When they provide superior optics without "Muh Contract", "Muh Battle-tested", "Muh assembled in Murica" tax. Tell me why are you fooling yourself?
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Are soldiers trained to sleep with a special method? I suppose being in a war and seeing battle constantly, watching friends die, wondering if you are going to be next, the stress of being shouted orders that could get you killed must mess with your ability to sleep naturally.
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/msg/ - Military Surplus General

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For the discussion of milsurp firearms

日本版 - Post your Japanese milsurp

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