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This man is your friend. He fights for freedom.
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why are glowniggers allowed to live amongst us

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wtf? is there no laws against this?
how do I check if my neighborhood has a glownigger traphouse?
fucking bullshit
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Any Ronin belt owners out there?

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Anyone own any Ronin belts? If so, what are your opinions on them?
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Exited to purchase one of these for cheapish. Are there are any parts that would need an upgrade, or is it fine out of the box?
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Your country's armed forces

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If you had your own country, what weapons would its armed forces be using
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Futuristic cowboy shit

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Post some shit you'd use on another planet as an outlaw

sauce: reddit.com/user/TasteOfJace/submitted/?sort=top
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So I recently got a PTR91, when measuring the bolt gap, it is ever so slightly uneven. 0.01-0.02mm?
The feeler gauge will rest snugly between .35 and .40. The .40 will not fit on both sides. Could this be due to it not being broken in? Am I being autistic over nothing? Also did I fuck up by not buying the railed variant?
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/gq/ - Gear Queer

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Night time is the right time Edition

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Mossberg 590 Mariner

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Recently started a new job which involves me being on a dock or boats and /out/ in sun, rain or snow. The area I work in has a reputation for bears as well as trouble with two legged predators. I currently only own a few .22 rifles and an old .410.
Done some reading up online and spoke to a co-worker and they recommended the 500 series of guns, so far the 590 mariner looks like the best gun for the job but some guys in the reviews I read did talk about the chambers being rough and unfinished where Mossberg hadnt sanded down the Marinecote finish they used.
Anyone on /k/ had any bad, or good, experiences with the Mariner? Especially with sticky shells in the chamber and ejection problems?
I dont want to buy something which potentially might need to save my life one day and not work.

>Also general shotgun thread
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>Finland will soon possess the capability to wipe out every nuclear powerplant in Russia
How do vatkeks cope?
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