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What’s so great about the 556 cartridge? Is it even worth it anymore with advancement of body armor?
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Tejas MK2 aka Poo fighter

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This is how Poo Tejas MK2 will look like after 40 years of development and billions of dollars.

How do Poos fail that much?
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Why did Tom Clancy get so much mainstream attention?
Who best took on his mantle when it comes to Military fiction?
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K anime

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Any k related animes like Jin Roh? Or Black Lagoon?
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Has the price of ammunition suddenly dropped?

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Was checking online, and prices are much lower than they were a couple of weeks ago, across the board. What gives?
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/hg/-Handgun general #573

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Braced pistol PDWs>PCCs edition
Previous >>49250949
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/ak/ Thread - Quiet And Silence Edition

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>Image Limit Reached
>Last Thread >>49282018

"...., ., ..... ..." Edition

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I just got a Mossberg 590 for my truck. What can I expect?

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I needed something short, but with more power than my 40 for my truck.

Haven't shot it yet, but if its good enough for 80s action movies, it should be enough for you average anon, right?
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/k/ loadout thread

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post yours and your favorites :)
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