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Israeli girls with guns thread for our Jewish bros. 2D and 3D girls allowed.
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Civil Wargaming

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ITT: we wargame potential scenarios requiring combat by civilians in the US.

No one even knows what their gear is going to be used for. It’s impossible to design a load out that is fit for purpose when you don’t know the purpose. You end up collecting a bunch of useless crap.

Let’s wargame it out so we can get our shit straight. Military anons, give us your insight.
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What should France name its next carrier?

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It'll be hard to top Charles de Gaulle.
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Neat and Interesting Experimental small arms

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post em
finnish al 43 "Heavy SMG" that fired a 9x35mm cartridge roughly on par with 8mm kurz
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/arg/ ar general

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old >>49299216

discuss your optimum zombie killer loadout edition
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A boomer can successfully overpower more than ten times his number with nothing more than a Colt 1911. Why do you need an AR-15, again?
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It's official

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JSF is so awesome they're finally retiring the Raptor.
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If everyone hates them so much then why does everyone still want to be them and create that "19 killer"

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There is no law saying that I have to show anyone who isn't LE a tax stamp right? Nor that I even have to keep the tax stamp with the NFA item when using it righty?
So why don't more people use NFA items at the range? If anyone asks for a tax stamp you can just tell them that it's at the house right? Hell you'd likely only get caught if you were doing some other stupid crime anyways. It's not like the FAT can afford to send agents to every range to measure barrel lengths.
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>>you know how testosterone is
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