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Are there any good mres? Is it easier to just pack your own food?
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>Sentinel-1 data suggests that #Russia has a new toy which was tested/activated somewhere near Rostov-on-Don.
>interferences recorded by the C-SAR satellites are among the strongest ever detected and have a unique pattern.
What is it, /k/?

/k/ the game

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I'm poor, but too white for a HiPoint. Will 9 shots of 22 WMR be sufficient to protect myself?
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hi, femanon here :^)

i was walking home alone at night yesterday and some guy pulled up his car next to me and tried talking to me but I just ignored him cuz wtf...

i was wondering
should I buy clip on wasp spray
a pepper spray gun
pepper spray
or a BB gun, if so, what kind should I brandish?


ill get a real gun in the end but for right now what would u guys recommend?

im in CA btw
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Dad died

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My dad passed away a couple months ago and we're sorting through his gun stuff. He was an absolute /k/had. He was really into gunsmithing and buying/selling and doing work on pieces. My siblings and I are in our 20s and won't be able to store a full gunsmithing bench. Which basic gun maintenance stuff is going to be the most important to keep? I'm going to be keeping a couple shotguns, a range rifle, hunting rifle, and a pistol
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Does having a flack gun on your roof really make a good home defence gun?
You can keep away by pesky airliners

Max LARP Shotguns

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I would love it if one of you guys could talk me out of picrel. Save me from wasting all that money please. Thanks guys.
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Was there any actual chance of it ending the war by Christmas if it had succeeded? Or was the entire premise based on wholly unrealistic expectations from conception?

I am by no means an expert but it seems to me that Market Garden was entirely driven by the "we've got 'em on the run" kind of arrogance on the part of the Allies that had led the German Army to disaster in the Soviet Union in 1941, the Japanese Navy to its own destruction Midway in 1942, the Confederate Army to disaster in Pennsylvania in 1863, and the French to disaster at Waterloo in 1815.
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My state requires me to pay to print my address and name in the newspaper in order to get a CC. Is it worth it? I have to open carry if I dont
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