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/akg/ AK General

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Pretty Purple Plastic edition

Thread #1461

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Best fighting pistol

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Is the revolver still supreme for close in fighting and no obsolete in the slightest?
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How are you preparing for war with China?

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Are you saving money to buy war bonds?
Do you grow your own victory gardens or stockpile sugar, flour, and salt to prepare for rationing?
Or are you enlisted in your local military reserve unit?

Taking any of these simple steps now will support the war effort when the conflict begins. Remember the United States doesnt have the luxury of just taking money from the citizenry and forcing them to labor.
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What's up with all these new shotgun videos?

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Anyone else feel like a bunch of "guntubers" have been doing a lot more shotgun videos lately?
My guess is they see the writing on the wall and they want to get ahead of the game by pumping out shotgun videos now so they have relevant content in case an assault weapons ban is passed
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/prg/ Precision Rifle General 2 Electric Boogaloo #1

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Trying to revive /prg/ since it isnt really a thing anymore and not sure where else to ask.
Im looking for a bolt action rifle. I want a hunting rifle but have no prior experience hunting so im not sure what to look for.
The biggest thing im planning to hunt are european deers. Any advice would be great even if its just about the caliber I should get.
Price isnt really an issue for me but that doesnt mean I need the best of the best. Im looking for just a normal decent hunting rifle.
I prefer wood furniture if that helps at all but thats not something thats needed just a preference
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Norwegian military sets new record for female recruits

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>The Norwegian military has never before had as many female recruits.
>Of the 1081 new recruits to the Navy and Air Force 46% are women. In the Air Force alone 60% of the new recruits are female.
>-This is great! Women in the military increases diversity. They have a lot of knowledge and experience, and a split of women and men create a better learning enviroment for the military says Navy Commander-In-Chief Ronny Kristoffersen.
>The Norwegian military wants an equal ratio of female and male recruits but in order to achieve this physical requirements were lowered.
>The way we do warfare has changed. There’s a lot more tasks without the same physical requirements says Anders Aandstad from the military academy.
>Still he’s surprised by the 60% number for the Air Force.
>If there’s multiple positions with high physical requirements then the high percentage of females could be a disatvantage, even if there is a lot of other benefits.
>The leader of the recruit school says the difference in physical ability is not a problem.
>There’s a difference between men and women, but we work in groups where men and women complement each other.
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Backpack General /bpg/ #14

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Post packs. Day packs, Assault Packs, Rucksacks. All packs welcome.
A general thread for showing off your packs, questions on choosing a backpack, what to pack and what not to pack, sleep systems, and other related things.

Basic information on choosing a backpack, backpack fitting, what to pack, how to pack efficiently, and more

Aussie Edition

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ITT: Guns with cringe owners

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I'll start
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Carry: 9mm vs 40 vs 10mm?

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9mm: too weak
40: muzzle flip exceeds even 10mm by a good margin
10mm: overpens/icepicks
357mag: low capacity wheel guns, cost prohibitive desert eagle

If true, now what?
10mm seems like the right answer. The overpen/icepicking seems like some bullshit, is it?
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So it looks like P83s are gone bros, with maybe the occasion special order for straps.. anyone know of a sort of contemporary equivalent for maximum LRRP larping?
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