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we bypass the iron dome
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Magazine covers thread

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Serbu Short Analysis of RN50 blowup

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>Tolerance is much higher than 85k, is upwards of 160k PSI.
>SLAP rounds in question were counterfeit.
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Civil Wargaming

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ITT: we wargame potential scenarios requiring combat by civilians in the US.

No one even knows what their gear is going to be used for. It’s impossible to design a load out that is fit for purpose when you don’t know the purpose. You end up collecting a bunch of useless crap.

Let’s wargame it out so we can get our shit straight. Military anons, give us your insight.
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Has your gun collection ever helped you get some poossay?
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Dream guns

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hello /k/
i live in W. Europe and hope one day to own a few guns
here are my dream guns for a few different calibers

22 LR Ruger Mark IV
9mm Beretta 92 FS
.357 mag Chiappa Rhino 60DS
45 ACP/10mm Longslide Javelina 1911
.44 mag Taurus Raging Hunter
12 gauge mossberg 500 retro
7.62 FN FAL
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>When the slam pig is working the ammo isle

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Livestreams of Israel/Palestine conflict

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I remember there were threads of these for the Syria conflict, let's get one going.
Not much going on right this moment, but it'd be good to have a collection of sources when things kick off again.

Gaza skyline from The Sun of the UK:

Various streams, Russia Today:

Sig SP2022

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Why are they so cheap compared to P22X models? They’ll be retired by next year so I’m hoping to pick one up when they flood the market.
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F-35 Love Thread

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Chinese propaganda bots on suicide watch
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