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in 1988 a homo almost sunk a battleship
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>"Oh that old thing? I think Grandpa brought it back from the war and it's been sitting in the attic ever since. Why? Is it worth something?"
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ITT: Sexy Tanks

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Is something like this possible throughout an entire country.

Me and friends (20) all have military training and own a whistle, if we hear that whistle being blown continously that's our signal to form a Freikorp.

Anyone else have something similar?
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since most (all) ATGMs and RPGs have been rendered useless against a major force using a hardkill APS on their tanks, what's next for antitank weapons? will it return to the tradition of dedicated antitank guns? or will forces just use cheap decoy missiles until the APS runs dry AND then use actual AT missiles?
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Does your local range safety officer make you show them your tax stamps?

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For those of you that don't live in BLM land and can shoot in the woods, does your local range demand you show them your tax stamps? Had a RSO ask me if my suppressor had a tax stamp and if I could provide it, etc. Told him to "fuck off I ain't showing you shit" and left the range and shot in the woods instead.
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Khyber Pass Gunsmithing

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Does /k/ believe Khyber Pass’s homemade firearms are as reliable as they are cool?
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what's /k/'s opinion on rothco?

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Hey /k/, recently I've been trying to gather some military-style clothes and I wanted your opinion on rothco, a lot of their stuff is a bit pricey, not by too much, but I get the opportunity to actually touch Rothco clothing from my surplus store at my local market, and a lot of it feels cheaper and less durable than some of my non-military jackets and boots I already have at my house.
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Do you ever wish we could go back to melee and archery combat?
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Post your stamped sheet metal guns

Bonus: explain why the grease gun was better than the MP40
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