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EDC Belt Suggestions

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I've been researching belts for carry purposes and have come down to these two. For now, I'd be EDCing a G48 and will occasionally use a 92FS for range time. I plan to go OWB; however do have an IWB for the Glock. My criteria bowl down to:

1.) Classy enough look so it can function as a dress belt

2.) Be stiff enough to support the two prior mentioned firearms as well as additional magazines (1 minimum; up to 2)

3.) Not be too stiff that it'll cause me bodily pain

The first one is by Nexbelt

and the second one is by Kore Essentials

Any suggestions/advice/critiques? Which is the better of the two? Are there other options I should consider?
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Post your favorite melee weapons
>bardiche? more like barsheeeeeeeeesh
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Is it possible to convert HK G36 into bullpup?

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The HK G36 is an excellent rifle in all respects. Its main and only flaw is that it is NOT a bullpup. So is it possible to redesign this weapon into a bullpup scheme and make it fuckoing perfect?

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Best innocuous self-defence weapon.

Posting literally the best one.

>legal everywhere
>variety of sizes
>both a melee [blunt] and a ranged weapon [spray]
>Obscenely cheap, $20 max.
>Ranged spray will blind and suffocate anyone
>Can be carried anywhere/everywhere without arousing suspicion
>Can incapacitate anyone by spraying highly irritant dry chemicals into their face
>Strong metal with durable casing and mechanisms

Name literally [one] better household defence weapon.
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What military equipment and instillations would stay functional in the event of an x-class solar flare?
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Why do .300 blackout fags exist?
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Full Size Pistol

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What's the practical use of a full size pistol like a g17 for someone that doesn't open carry or carry it for work (cops, security guards, etc)? I'm not fat enough to conceal a full size pistol, so I'd have to open carry or print like a motherfucker. In that case, I'd just skip the bullshit of a pistol and get a SBR or PCC. Can someone redpill me on why they would use a full size pistol?
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Canteen type hydration systems are far superior to hydration bladder systems. Hydration bladders require a lot of preventative maintenance
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