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Why does there seem to a coordinated effort to discredit the combat effectiveness of the Wehrmacht lately? For example I often hear that the Garand was the best rifle of the war but honestly? No. Not taking any machine guns into account that would be the Stg44. Barely any army uses a battle rifle as their standard issue anymore and if they do it's closer to a Stg44 than a Garand (G3, FAL).
A battle rifle would be used as a marksman rifle these days, but there was not even a scope for the Garand, the G43 had one available though (so had the Stg44 btw).
Another talking point I hear a lot is that their logistics where extremely bad. I mean yes, it's true that they relied on horses a lot but that is because the little oil they had would be needed for tanks instead. In light of the fact that a lot of the infrastructure AND factories were bombed out, that oil is short in Europe and the countries that had rich oil reserves didn't trade with them it was quite acceptable if you'd ask me ...
It is just like the myth of the 'Nazi gun grabbers' that had been spread around gun enthusiast circles some time ago. If you still believe that btw read this: https://nationalvanguard.org/2019/09/the-myth-of-gun-control-under-hitler/