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It's Fucking Official

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LMT is #1 — the answer to all AR related questions that cannot be solved with PSA or Aero is, get the LMT (lower). Yes I am the same unpaid shill who made the last LMT thread, but every-time I read about my negro Karl Lewis, I just shake my head. Is the competition even fucking trying?

>Some might consider this an average 16" patrol rifle. For those who think that way, they do not know LMT. There are two types of shooters: Those who know LMT, and those who want to know LMT.
>LMT dates back to the Eugene Stoner days. Two rifle companies boast that heritage. One brags about it and has all the marketing to surround it.
>The other is LMT.
>Karl Lewis and Eugene Stoner developed these weapons decades ago.

Wow, Kawl Lewis is like a disciple of Eugene Stoner. Like Peter and Jesus. Holy Shit.