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brazil has a giant christ ready for the combat.

which giant mech your country have?
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Takehiko Ito

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I know Outlaw Star gets talked about here relatively often than the other two shows. Haven't really seen much talk of Ryu Knight and Zegapain. Was wondering what some think of those two shows.
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Armored Core Thread

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Malcolm in the Middle @ E3 2000 edition.


Previous Thread: >>19712580
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J-Decker and Hakaiou GGG vs Betterman in SRW 30. Pic is a fan example.
Trailer for correct proof: https://youtu.be/UtRYCym5EHo
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What did you all think of Gundam Seed (and Destiny) mecha designs?

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Some of them seem to be pretty divisive, so what are your thoughts on the mobile suit designs that appear on these shows?
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Kyoukai Senki

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Airing in October 4. It looks good I guess? Character design and premise sound too generic.
Special Preview

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Where does the line between exo skeletons and henshin transformations start?
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So which one is the more evil of the 2?
Bonus: which have better suits and pilots
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Mecha Anime with good Dub?

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I've recently rewatched some scenes of the Gunsmith OVAs in English because I wanted to recommend it to a friend and it kinda made me want more. I never really watched Anime in English, since I don't live in an English-speaking country, which is why I would appreciate if someone could maybe recommend me some mecha shows where the dub is as good if not even better than the original.
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is G reco actually any good?
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