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Left or right?
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No one actually thinks Zeon were the good guys morally, right? The anime shows how morally corrupt they are everytime they show up.
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What are some of your fave Gundam moments?

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For me the reunion scene between Amuro and Char was incredible the first time i watched it

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Was Char a schizo? I just finished watching all of 0079, Zeta, and Char's Counter Attack and I have no clue why people like this backstabbing snake who does nothing but throw autistic outbursts and contradict himself while jobbing eternally to Amuro. He loses constantly while using people he betrays to keep living so he can go on losing and betraying. Half of the time his actions don't even make internal sense and are a 180 from his prior characterization.
Please someone explain why Char is so popular, because I just don't fucking see it.


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Post cool mechs that only appeared in one episode.
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What did people dislike about Tekkaman Blade 2, aside from it not really needing to exist?
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Why is the Earth Federation always such a shit show? Aside from 0079 they're always depicted as corrupt no matter how many times their corruption gets shown. Honestly it's ridiculous that there hasn't been a major revolt on the part of the citizens.
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is 0083 any good or am i better off watching afterglow of Zeon?
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western mecha

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lets talk about mechs, power armors and drones from the land of the free
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Takehiko Ito

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I know Outlaw Star gets talked about here relatively often than the other two shows. Haven't really seen much talk of Ryu Knight and Zegapain. Was wondering what some think of those two shows.
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