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Find a more cursed mecha design

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It won't be easy.
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Crossbone Gundam :Dust

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Is it scanlated already?
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This is Zaku IV, say something nice about it.
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Did this really ripped off Eva or are the fans just making things up?
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The new Leopard 2 with Trophy looks straight out of a mecha anime.
Support vehicles from mecha shows thread, I guess.
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Mamoru Oshii: "Hideaki Anno is More of a Producer Than a Director These Days"

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> Mamoru Oshii (known for anime such as Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor, Jin-Roh, Skycrawlers, etc) states that Hideaki Anno is "more of a producer than a director."

>Oshii remarked that Anno's works "lack a theme." He praised the visual aspects of Anno's directing style, but said that there was no theme being expressed underneath the style.

>He said that, perhaps because he and Hayao Miyazaki belong to an older generation of filmmakers, the two of them are always thinking about what they want to express whenever they create films. In his own case, he creates films so that he can "pick a fight with society," and he believes that Miyazaki does the same even if he claims to create films for children to enjoy.

>He described most of Anno's works as "like an I-Novel (confessional novel about the author's personal emotional feelings)" .... The question is more about whether the audience can accept this approach or not.

>Oshii described a conversation he had with Anno around the time he was making The Sky Crawlers (2008), where they talked about how Anno was awakening his interest in business. "I think that Anno has that desire for upward trajectory in business producing rather than directing films" he concluded.

Yaraon News
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/m78/ thread: Bullied by that red guy edition

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What was up with the rape in Macross Plus? What did it add to the narrative?
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Best girl thread.
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How shit is my taste?