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How does the Kampfer grab its rocket launchers on its back? the handles are upside down
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ITT Early 20th century vintage robot thread

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Haven’t had one of these in awhile, starting off with dr satan’s terrible man of steel facing commando cody
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What do you consider to be the most underrated or overlooked mech?
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Was Billy Katagiri the worst written character in Gundam history?
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Post sum smexy mechs

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ITT: Amateur Ani/m/ation

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Post any cool, funny, or otherwise interesting /m/ and sci-fi animations you know of. Mainly thinking stuff by amateurs or small teams.
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Who would win?
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Zeta Zaku appreciation thread
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Puru thread

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Puru Puru
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Why are the Zeon forces depicted as Space Nazis when each new Gundam series tries to make them increasingly sympathetic?
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