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I like that MS stands for both "Mobile suit" and "Mahou shoujo"
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Dragon Mechas

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post dragon or dragon themed mechas to help me soothe the pain, /m/
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Sci-fi fantasy

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Will the fade ever return?
Back in the 80s mixing sci-fi and magic for fantasy was pretty much a given.
Right now everythings falls more toward the pure fantasy thing but adding some game gimmicks like menus and skills
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Fembot thread

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The cold war between with the North is over. All the M66 girls are now change into police units, becominga new waves of police woman robot
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Post your favorite /m/ designs, I’ll start.
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Good Fantasy Mecha Series?

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After watching Escaflowne and Break Blade/Broken Blade, and checking out I found myself craving for more Fantasy Mecha.

Now, I am referring to Fantasy Mecha, not Super Robot, in the sense that the machines might be magical, or the series takes place in a Fantasy setting, but they are still, at least within said setting, relatively grounded and aren't Superheroes.

Now, I am open for anything: Novels, Manga, Anime, Movies, Comics, Web Serials, whatever of that good shit you have, toss it my way. Especially if the worldbuilding is good.

Video Games, unless they are old, are more difficult since I doubt I have anything that could run them, but suggestions of that nature are still welcome nonetheless.
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your favorite /m/angas?
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Here Comes Char

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What's that?

...Also, wacky screencaps from Lazy Matsumoto works general

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Why do people refer to El Dora V/Soul as "Mexican Gaogaigar" when it doesn't even look like GGG and the pilots' dynamic is more akin to Combattler and Voltes? Is it because of that one attack in Super Robot Wars K?
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