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unexpected /m/ references in non-/m/ material

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This one is from brazillian comic strip Monica's Gang
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Zaku IV Production Type

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the standard version of the Zaku IV from Moon Gundam (Will post full pic when available)
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Any good /m/anga without an anime adaptation ?
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Hello /m/, Quess here. Will you say something nice about me?
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I can't believe this didn't get more episodes. The characters are well designed and memorable, and the world is interesting and unique.

Yet it just ends out of nowhere with the Exodus still ongoing and I'm just in shock that we'll never get to see more of the cast or the world they inhabit.

Ana is best character and the OP is /m/anly as fuck.
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>put off watching pic related because of dumb assumptions
>finally watch it
>it's awesome

is there more? I want more!!
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Kai Shiden youtube channel

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It's gone, all of it- all the documentary style videos of the UC timeline and cozy livestreams...what happened??

Anyone know?
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I want the 90s toy-ish aesthetics to come back.
Gundam designs peaked in the 90s
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How well did it do ratings wise? I always assumed it’s what killed the CE franchise, since it seems as if they wanted CE to be the new UC.
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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger – 09

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