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Cosmic Break Universal

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Lily Rain Edition

>New Player Guide (Stats and what they do)

>Old Forum Guide that details useful things (Description of each movement cart is useful)

>Updated Spreadsheet dealing with movement values in the current game

>English Wiki that has lots of information for bots/parts

>STR/TEC damage breakpoint charts (boost run chart outdated)

https://pastebin.com/u25w4MsF more information

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I want the 90s toy-ish aesthetics to come back.
Gundam designs peaked in the 90s
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Kyoukai Senki

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Are you looking forward to it?
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This is what the Zeong should look like in the live action Netflix Gundam movie. It's a realistic and believable design.

The dober gun

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Is it a solid round cannon, or beam launcher? It's depicted as both, but how can this be? What internal configurations allow it to operate as both. Can it legitimately swap between the two, or is it all just inconsistent animation?
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Armored Core Thread

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'Cool Diorama' edition.

Previous Thread: >>19507276
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Digimon Thread

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Next episode airing tomorrow JST.
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