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So, does the concept of a tank with legs make sense?

The advantage can be considered better cross-country ability and, possibly, maneuverability, but this design seriously complicates the chassis. In addition, the controls and electronics are also more complicated ...

And, unlike humanoid meks, such units are not multipurpose ...
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How would stonepunk mechas works?
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Getter Robo Arc

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Is it fair to call it a disaster?
>muh budget
There issues beyond that. The direction in incompetent.
>be grateful to get an anime.
No! I'd rather have nothing than a shitty no-effort product. Now I know some poor sap will think it's a good idea to check this out instead of the manga.
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2831: Lord of Kyoryu Edition

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Just finished the original series, and god damn were my expectations blown out of the water.
I went into it assuming I was gonna be watching a thinly veiled toy advertisement, with a MOTW style plot with Amuro going from a jobber to war hero, but that was not at all what I got.
I am very impressed with how evocative and intense the themes of the show are, definitely not something I would expect from a "kids" show.
And the ending, where not only is there not really a triumphant hero in the end, but both the gundam and the white base get destroyed, really suprised me. I have a lot of respect for this series.
now on to zeta
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Get in, surat, we're going to Tukkayid.
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The Secret of Blue Water

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How is Grandis so perfect?
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Getting into series late

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Alright, I started watching the original getter robo and it's really kinda a slog. It's not a bad series, but it has70's pacing, it kinda wears on,one can't watch multiple episodes at once. I watched Leiji's anime and it took me forever to get through.

I watched "Shin Getter Robo" and it was quite alright though. Is there a faster way to get through the series?