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Thoughts on dai-guard?

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I personally think it's a gem of mecha genre, highly underlooked. Really enjoy it though, despite the really okayish ending.

Happy /m/other's day

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Post best /m/oms

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Does anyone here actually gives a shit about FUCKING hathaway? that shitty little kid from Zeta? and no I don't care that Tomino made a whole story about him,his a waste of a character

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Which one your favorite /m/?
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Where was he during the events of Zeta and ZZ? Like, why did he come back in CCA, but didn't help against Haman or Scirocco?
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>U.C. 0123
>a future without cell phones
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ITT we post terrible /m/ memes
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Here's an old mecha game that is so obscure only I know about it: Exteel.

It was fun, but so dead that this screenshot was basically the entire community.
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/gbg/ - Gundam Battle General #55

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Previous: >>19603233

New game came out. Discuss it and post lore related to all things R-Type here.
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