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Hanappe Bazooka

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How was this OVA so fucking good?
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Fuga - melodies of steel

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Steam page is up
Release in 7 days
are you ready?
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Fembot thread

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The cold war between with the North is over. All the M66 girls are now change into police units, becominga new waves of police woman robot
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Getting into series late

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Alright, I started watching the original getter robo and it's really kinda a slog. It's not a bad series, but it has70's pacing, it kinda wears on,one can't watch multiple episodes at once. I watched Leiji's anime and it took me forever to get through.

I watched "Shin Getter Robo" and it was quite alright though. Is there a faster way to get through the series?

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whats the best delta?
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Kondo appreciation thread

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Remember the time they got Nagano to work on a Mazinger spinoff? Pity the project fell through.
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You call that a gun? This is a gun!

Post them Guns, Cannons, Sniper, Riffle etc.
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