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ITT: robots you love that nobody else seems to give a fuck about
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Is this Priss? This is from a 1994 newspaper. Pretty wild that our gal might have been in newspapers all over USA?
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Cameos Thread

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ITT /m/ cameos. Oh hi there Tetsuo from Akira, Himiko from Wataru, Mr. T and... That Weird Al Yankovik?
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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger – 10

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/m/ What are the essential games to get for PS3?
So far I got Gundam EX both, A.C.E, Macross 30. I need more names. Actually you can add some obscure PS4 /m/ games too.
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Gundam model series thread
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Bandai really couldn’t hire a single English speaking jazz singer?

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Yuusha Thread

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>no Yuusha thread
Let's change that, and have a grand old time.
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So are the main villains of Daitarn 3 really Banjo's parents? Because if so he really should have tried to beat George Lucas to the "I'm am your Father" twist by spelling it out.
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SD Gundam World Heroes

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Cao Cao vs Nobunaga soon
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